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    Personnel management
  • 2019 № 10 Professional standards as a tool to improve the efficiency of personnel management in medical institutions

    The transformation of the sphere of employment and the labor market of hired personnel, training systems for specialists have identified the need for the development and implementation of professional standards. The article substantiates the main reasons for the demand for new regulatory documents to the challenges of the time, the relevance of the competency-based approach at all stages of the implementation of professional standards in the healthcare system. The implementation of professional standards requires large-scale processing by the personnel department of organizational and structural documents; adaptation to new per-sonnel management tools, while taking into account the interests of employers, workers, educational organizations engaged in the training of specialists; additional costs for retraining workers. The main problems of the implementation of professional standards in the healthcare system are related to the renaming of posts and the transfer of employees to less qualified posts, which affects the level of wages and benefits, provokes conflict situations in the team, and creates the conditions for professional burnout.
    The article shows the practice of implementing professional standards, implementation problems and ways to solve them using the example of a medical institution, considers changes in the training system, reflecting the dynamics of the formation of professional competencies in the face of uncertain changes. Particular attention is paid to the problems associated with the implementation of professional standards in healthcare.

    Authors: Niyazova I. M. [1]

    Tags: competence2 conflicts1 coordination of interests1 personnel management4 professional burnout2 professional standard2 qualification6

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  • Manager of health care consults
  • 2015 № 2 Regulations on how to assess professional competence of health employees and adequacy of their job titles

    In December 2013 President of Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin announced a task to complete an assessment of specialists with their further transfer onto effective contract basis. However, available normative documents do not describe the order on how to complete the assessment for job competence. The following article is dedicated to the issue of developing proposals and recommendations on competence assessment of state (municipal) health care specialists on the basis of analysis of current normative base, documents, related to certain aspects of assessment process and/or with consideration of the goals and targets of the assessment process.

    Authors: Kadyrov F. N. [117]

    Tags: assessment2 effective contract13 job competence assessment1 personnel4 qualification6 redundancy2

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  • 2015 № 3 Forms of documents, deemed necessary for completing qualification evaluation of employees in the health care institutions

    There has not yet been adopted a standard for completing qualification evaluation procedure by the current normative and methodology documents. There is no uniformed documents, needed to complete the evaluation. The following article outlines forms of corresponding documents, developed on the basis of analysis of analogue forms, appliedbyvariousfederalauthoritiesaswellaswiththesupportofcurrentunifiedforms.

    Authors: Kadyrov F. N. [117]

    Tags: evaluation1 evaluation of qualification1 forms of documents1 personnel4 qualification6 redundancy2

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  • 2016 № 10 Practical aspects of implementation of the professional standard «Junior medical staff»

    The appearance of professional standards is a new stage in the development of professional competencies. Often this process is accompanied by difficulties of applying professional standards in practice. This is true for the professional standard «Junior medical staff». The standard requires nurses training in the appropriate positions. Previously, this requirement did not exist. The training system is not yet developed. This is one of the key problems of implementation considered the professional standard. Differences of professional standard «Junior medical staff» of qualifications «Nurse» associated with the need to implement the provisions of the Federal law of 21.11.2011 No. 323-FZ «About bases of health protection of citizens in the Russian Federation», defining the term «health worker».

    Authors: Kadyrov F. N. [117] Meshchankina E. V. [1]

    Tags: junior medical staff2 junior nurse on care1 nurse2 professional standard2 qualification6 vocational training1

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  • 2016 № 4 Manager of Health Care consu lts Actual problems of the introduction of professional standards

    Professional standards – a major innovation in the field of professional competence. They are designed to solve a number of problems that were beyond the power of qualifying characteristics to be approved by the relevant qualification directories (ECTS, etc.). In particular this applies an integrated approach to the qualification requirements of their structuring, codification (in order to automate the search for workers, taking into account the in-depth expertise, etc.). Professional standards creates good preconditions for the formation of job descriptions by combining professional standards contained in the job functions and work activities.

    Authors: Kadyrov F. N. [117]

    Tags: job descriptions3 professional standards5 qualification6 qualification characteristics2 work activities1 work functions1

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  • Focus of problem
  • 2020 № 2 Phenomena of formation and functioning of modern managers in russian healthcare

    The article considers a number of phenomena that determine the features of the formation of the professional trajectory of modern managers in health care. The analysis of factors that determine the appointment of managers to positions, as well as environmental, market, personal, educational, political and other factors that accompany the activities of management personnel in health care is presented.

    Authors: Piven D. V. [53] Kitsul I. S. [53]

    Tags: competence2 external environment1 health care system5 management14 management personnel1 manager2 personal qualities1 political environment1 qualification6

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