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    Manager of health care consults
  • 2016 № 4 Manager of Health Care consu lts Actual problems of the introduction of professional standards

    Professional standards – a major innovation in the field of professional competence. They are designed to solve a number of problems that were beyond the power of qualifying characteristics to be approved by the relevant qualification directories (ECTS, etc.). In particular this applies an integrated approach to the qualification requirements of their structuring, codification (in order to automate the search for workers, taking into account the in-depth expertise, etc.). Professional standards creates good preconditions for the formation of job descriptions by combining professional standards contained in the job functions and work activities.

    Authors: Kadyrov F. N. [122]

    Tags: job descriptions3 professional standards7 qualification6 qualification characteristics2 work activities1 work functions1

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  • Focus of problem
  • 2022 № 8 Professional standards: the role and importance in ensuring the quality and safety of medical activities, the main tasks

    The article deals into detail with the application of professional standards in the activities of medical organizations and in the training of medical personnel. The authors substantiate that the application of professional standards in the regulation of labor relations of medical workers, as well as in the development and implementation of both professional educational programs and additional professional programs is an essential tool for ensuring the quality and safety of medical activities. The main tasks facing today in the field of the application of professional standards, the implementation of which will contribute to improving the quality and safety of medical activities, are identified: the creation of legal mechanisms for the effective application of professional standards by educational organizations; ensuring continuity in the application of professional standards between the training of medical personnel and the regulation of labor relations in the process of medical activity; the need to constantly maintain professional standards up to date

    Authors: Piven D. V. [58] Kitsul I. S. [58] Ivanov I. V. [29]

    Tags: additional professional programs2 job descriptions3 medical education1 medical organizations23 medical personnel7 professional educational programs1 professional standards7 qualification characteristics2 qualification requirements3 quality and safety of medical activity12

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