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    Informatization of healthcare
  • 2023 № 4 The use of information technologies in assessing the quality of medical care

    The currently relevant value-based healthcare model (Value-Based Healthcare) is more focused on ensuring long-term effectiveness and patient satisfaction, which is directly related to the implementation of the principles of patient-oriented and patient-centered activities [1].
    In accordance with the Proposals (practical recommendations) on the organization of internal quality control and safety of medical activities in a medical organization (hospital) of the Federal State Budgetary Institution “National Institute of Quality” of Roszdravnadzor, compliance with the principles of patient-centered medical care provides for the development and implementation at the level of a medical organization of a patient safety strategy, including compliance with ethical standards and rules in the implementation of medical care activities. This also includes the procedure for organizing feedback with patients [15].
    The use of information technologies in patient questionnaires and analysis of results allows for operational monitoring of patient satisfaction indicators and to create a basis for assessing most aspects of hospital activities from the perspective of patients: the quality of medical services and their results, interaction with staff, infrastructure and service components.
    The purpose of the study is to provide the results of the implementation of the author’s information and analytical system for collecting and processing information about patient satisfaction through an electronic web questionnaire and providing the calculation of satisfaction indicators in a multidisciplinary hospital.
    M a t e r i a l s a n d m e t h o d s . The basis of the study was a multidisciplinary hospital of the state budgetary healthcare institution “Regional Clinical Hospital No. 2” in Vladivostok. Within the framework of the study, the inpatient patients were surveyed using questionnaires in electronic form prepared by a medical organization, an information and analytical system was developed to conduct a mathematical analysis of the results of the survey according to five criteria for assessing the quality of medical care conditions.
    The study used a questionnaire including 20 questions, the answers to which express the opinion of patients about the quality of work of doctors and nursing staff, the comfort of the conditions of stay in the emergency department, as well as in the hospital during hospitalization.
    The questionnaire was developed in 2015, and for many years the survey was conducted using paper and manual calculations. But since 2021, patient questionnaires and analysis of the collected data have been transferred to an electronic format.
    In this article we present the results obtained with the help of an information system for collecting and analyzing questionnaires, in which adult patients of a round-the-clock hospital participated.
    R e s u l t s . The use of information technologies in patient questionnaires and analysis of results allows for operational monitoring of patient satisfaction indicators and to create a basis for assessing a number of aspects of hospital activity from the perspective of patients: the quality of medical services and their results, interaction with staff, infrastructure and service components make it possible to evaluate the effectiveness of measures to ensure comfortable conditions for the patient’s stay and can be used in practical healthcare to organize measures to eliminate defects and make decisions on the management of a medical organization.
    C o n c l u s i o n s . The introduction of additional methods for studying patient satisfaction using electronic forms, taking into account the specifics of the work of a medical organization to the requirements established by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, makes it possible to increase the effectiveness of interaction with patients and can be one of the tools for assessing the social effectiveness of a medical organization (hospital).

    Authors: Potylitsyn A. V. [3] Martynova A. V. [2] Li M. V. [1]

    Tags: information technology4 multidisciplinary hospital2 patient satisfaction6 patient survey2 patient-orientation6

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  • Information management

    Progress in the field of information technology has made it possible to successfully apply modern computer technology for various tasks in medicine. This article presents the capabilities of the NeuroDom information system for assessing changes in the condition of a patient undergoing rehabilitation after suffering neurological diseases. The main feature of the described approach is that the patient’s rehabilitation was carried out remotely, through the NeuroDom portal.

    Authors: Ivanilova T. N. [1] Vasilenko I. V. [1] Semenov V. A. [1] Mirbadiev Sh. Z. [1]

    Tags: functional data processing1 information technology4 remote rehabilitation1 visualization of data processing1 web-environment1 wilcoxon’s t-test1

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  • 2017 № 2 The performance management system of the healthcare institutions: experience of using information technology to enhance research productivity

    The original platform «Benchmarking research productivity» was developed in 2010 and integrated as a component of the research process management system in the NII KPSSZ. The designed platform addresses all the critical issues relevant for the management of the modern major health research institute. In the period from 2011 to 2015, the number of the articles published every year the research staff increased by 42.6%, the number of articles indexed in Web of Science and / or Scopus – increased 2.2 times; the number of citations for all publications increased 6 times; the average number of publications per 1 author increased by 27.1%. Information technology being one of central components allows to assess research productivity in the Research Institute management system and to monitor accurately the task performance by the local staff. The platform provides transparency of productive processes and gives opportunity to achieve main management objectives, i. e. motivation and coordination.

    Authors: Karas D. V. [1] Kruchkov D. V. [1] Artamonova G. V. [4]

    Tags: control system1 effectiveness of research activity1 information technology4 scientific and medical institution1

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  • 2020 № 1 Application of distributed registry technology and smart contracts in medicine

    Аuthors consider the technology of distributed registries and, in particular, blockchain as one of the potential technical solutions that can ensure the protection of patient data. According to the authors, the technology of distributed registers should be used to collect primary data, verify the interaction of various institutions, work with electronic medical records. The use of blockchain technology can lead to the creation of a comprehensive system of «health», within which it will be possible to make the transition to personalized medicine.

    Authors: Akulin I. M. [6] Chesnokova E. A. [5] Svirkin M. V. [2] Balykina Y. E. [1] Presnyakov R. A. [5] Vasin A. G. [1] Guryanova N. E. [6]

    Tags: blockchain2 chi1 data security1 decentralized networks1 distributed registry1 electronic medical card1 emr1 hybrid networks1 information technology4 medical information systems11 medicine2 public and private blockchains1 scaling1 single digital health circuit1 smart contracts1 vmi1

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