Manager Zdravoochranenia 2013 #10

Published: 2013-10-14



    Management in health care
  • Demand of Russian Federation in medical human resources (Ministry of health care of Russian Federation, Moscow, Russia; Federal Research Institute for Health Organization and Informatics of Ministry of Health Development of the Russian Federation, Moscow, Russia)

    Annotation: In the article there are presented results of defining demands of Russian Federation in medical human resources. Base for calculating the number of specialists was volumes of aid set in each subject of Russian Federation while realizing territorial program of state guarantees on provision of medical aid with consideration of age-specific indicators of analogue state guarantees federal program, regional specifics and level of population's morbidity in subjects of Russian Federation. Besides that, methodology called «Calculation of demands of Russian Federation in medical human resources», developed in Federal State Entity of «Central SRI of Organization and Informatization of Health Care», considered territorial specifics of subjects of Russian Federation, — location of the subject in Far North areas and equivalent to the, density of population, proportion of the rural population. With that there were used reducing the pressure coefficients on physicians positions. In the article there is a comparison of actual number of main professions in 2012 year and revised regulatory normative of physicians numbers in 2013–2014 years (per 10 thousand capita), as well as there is described а deviationof normative number of physicians from its actual number (deficit/surplus of physicians) for the main professions.

    Authors: Son I. M. [39] Leonov S. A. [14] Kupeeva I. A. [7] Gazheva A. V. [6] Maev I. V. [1]

    Tags: actual and regulatory number of physicians1 and method for calculating demand in physicians1 deficit of medical human resources1

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  • Regarding the right of a patient or his official legal representatives to demand a consultation of physicians-specialists (Irkutsk State Medical Academy of Continuing Education, Irkutsk, Russia).

    Annotation. Authors refer the right of a patient or his official legal representatives to demand a consultation of physicians-specialists to the group of hardest to establish rights in the health care system of Russian Federation. In the article there is given a detailed description of problems, related to implementing this right. As a proposal directed on complying the appointed law, there is suggested a mandatory development of internal document in every medical entity, regulating the procedure of processing patient's consultations. There are given concrete recommendations on what content has to be reflected in the regulation of the procedure of organizing and conducting consultations in medical organizations.

    Authors: Piven D. V. [58] Kitzul I. S. [3]

    Tags: attending physician1 consultation per demand1 consultations of physiciens-specialistes1 legal representative1 patient's right1

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  • Modeling outcomes in the management of health care quality (Самарский государственный медицинский университет, г. Самара, Россия)

    Outcome model as a method of assessing the quality management system of care includes indicators of performance, regulatory parameters and values of the scale for assessing performance. Creating a system of evaluation of health care institutions on the basis of the formation of the final results of models used for the analysis of all the organizations, including outpatient and inpatient. Using the principle of constructing a model of the final results of the activities of the hospital, in many settings in the Samara region developed system of quality assessment of each employee, the results of which are used for a differentiated approach to remuneration.

    Authors: Pavlov V. V. [2] Suslin S. A. Galkin [1] R. A [1] Sheshunova S. V. [1]

    Tags: assessment of care management1 methods of evaluation in health care1 model outcomes1 quality of care4

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  • Aspects of organizing medical aid services for rehabilitation in practical health care (Federal Research Institute for Health Organization and Informaticsof Ministry of Health Development of the Russian Federation, Moscow, Russia)

    Annotation. In the article there is an analysis of objectives, main streams and events directed onto developing medical rehabilitation in the system of health care of Russian Federation. There is considered a number of actual questions regarding organization of medical rehabilitation, its stage-by-stage approach, specifics and opportunities of rehabilitation tactics in conditions of outpatient and hospital health care entities.

    Authors: Danilova N. V. [4]

    Tags: medical rehabilitation9 practical health care1 profile specialists1 rehabilitation services1 rehabilitation structures1

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  • The analysis of indicators of activity of establishments of social service of citizens of advanced age in the Russian Federation (Federal Research Institute for Health Organization and Informatics of Ministry of Health Development of the Russian Federation, Moscow, Russia)

    The demographic situation in Russia is characterized by a dynamic increase in the proportion of elderly, which requires the improvement of integrated health and social care with more active participation of the social sector and to attract non-state institutions. Social care the elderly, the disabled, is an activity to meet the needs of social services. Social service includes the collection of social services provided to citizens and the disabled elderly at home or in social service institutions, regardless of ownership. In article the analysis of the basic indicators of activity of establishments of the state (municipal) system of social service of citizens of advanced age and invalids in the Russian Federation for last 13 years (stationary establishments of social service, branch of social service at home, the centers of social service), the standard documents regulating their work is presented.

    Authors: Shliafer S. I. [1]

    Tags: disabled1 elderly people2 hospital social services1 non-stationary form of social services1 social services1

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  • Financial management
  • The payment method for the finished case of the disease treatment according to the rates of complex medical services including the correction factor to the fund of labour payment (Krai governmentowned publicly funded health care institution «Clinical Hospital of Vladivostok № 2», Vladivostok, Russia)

    Annotation: On the basis of factor-analysis model is considered a method of labour payment in Primorsky Krai`s hospitals. In the applied method of payment for the finished case of the disease treatment was determined a problem preventing for health insurance portability and health care quality. It was shown that the case price for the disease treatment by applying the correction factor depends not only from the approved rates but also of the structure and volume of medical care.

    Authors: Stasyuk V. V. [1]

    Tags: correction factor to the rates of complex medical services1 payment methods of stationary medical care1 the case price of hospitalization1

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  • Economic loss from premature rural mortality (Federal State Budget Institution of Science Institute of Agrarian Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Saratov, Russia)

    The objective of the study was to make an economic assessment of the social-demographic loss caused by premature rural mortality. For that purpose the following tasks were planned to be fulfilled: choice of methods for calculating the economic damage from rural mortality; determination of indicators that adequately reflect the economic damage from rural mortality; development of a database on the basis of the indicators presented in Rosstat's official statements; calculation of monetary evaluation of key parameters; determination of the total economic damage. Experimental calculations were performed using different techniques. The study was financially supported by RFBR (project № 12-06-00012).

    Authors: Blinova T. V. [1] Bylina S. G. [1]

    Tags: calculation of the economic damage1 development of a database1 indicators of the economic damage1 monetary evaluation of key parameters1 premature mortality1 rural population5 social-demographic loss1

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  • Technological management
  • Trends in the development of laboratory services in Russia in 2009–2012 (Moscow, Russia)

    The article presents data on the volume and structure of the clinical laboratories in the country. An increase to 16 000 the number of laboratories in the decline in the number of medical facilities of MoH system. The share of centralized clinical diagnostic laboratories in Russia does not exceed 3,8%. The specificity of the laboratory service, which is manifested in the lagging pace of growth from analitical equipments, relatively low labor productivity.

    Authors: Sveschinsky M. L. [2]

    Tags: efficiency11 laboratory services1 management14 regional differences1 staff productivity1 the regions of the russia1 the volume of diagnostic tests1

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  • Hr management
  • Improvement of the bonus payments system as an important element of the transition to «the effective contract» (Administration Health Committee of St. Petersburg the City Ambulance Station, St. Petersburg, Russia)

    The article contains the review of the modification of the calculation method for the Ambulance Station employees' bonus payments which is focused on the final results. The performance evaluation criteria, the positive & negative sides of the new document are discussed.

    Authors: Boikov A. A. [1] Nikolaeva I. P. [1]

    Tags: ambulance2 bonus1 effective contract13 performance evaluation criteria1

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  • Healthcare and law
  • Legal framework of the body, organs and tissue deceased person (Penza State University, Penza, Russia)

    This paper analyzes the concept of ownership of his own body, as well as the prospects for engaging in civil circulation of (fabrics) of man. The order of the conditions and the intended use of the body, organs and tissues of a deceased person (including unclaimed body). The problems of the posthumous use of human gametes.

    Authors: Romanovskaya O. V. [6]

    Tags: body1 cryopreservation of gametes1 organs and tissue of deceased persons1 title1 unclaimed body1

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  • Special opinion
  • State provided medical tools in frames of complying the program of Mandatory Medical Insurance System: clear position of FMMIS and TFMMIS A.A. Starchenko

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  • Consults manager of healthcare
  • What costs are compensated at the expense of OMIS (Obligatory Medical Insurance System) funds? Consultant Phd. of Economic F.N. Kadirov

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  • Questions and answers
  • Questions answered by PhD. of Economic F.N. Kadyrov

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  • Interesting document
  • Formation of a normative base for processing an efficient contract on the federal level is mostly completed F.N. Kadirov

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  • Book shelf

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