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  • 2021 № 8 Questions implementation of incentive payments to medical workers for vaccination against Covid -19

    In order to financially support medical workers and further motivate them to increase the rate of vaccination against COVID‑19, the Russian Government has introduced special incentive payments for additional workload for medical workers. The established mechanism of financial support and the procedure for making payments is quite complex, since it is aimed at achieving specific practical vaccination indicators. This publication explains some of the issues that arise in connection with the implementation of these payments.

    Authors: Kadyrov F. N. [123] Chililov A. M. [24]

    Tags: coronavirus  infection12 covid-1928 federal budget9 incentive payments8 medical workers5 vaccination3

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  • Manager of healthcare consults
  • 2018 № 7 Material stimulation of employees of the economic services of the state (municipal) establishments of public health

    The deadline for the introduction of an effective contract in state (municipal) institutions is approaching. In health care facilities, an effective contract is introduced not only for medical but also for other workers, in particular, for economists. In order to correctly establish incentive payments to economic service employees, it is necessary to identify the key functions performed by them. This would be greatly facilitated by professional standards. But, unfortunately, they have not yet been approved for economic positions. On the other hand, the main types of work carried out by economists in state (municipal) health care institutions are well known. Taking into account the experience gained in the development of indicators and criteria for assessing the performance of medical and other positions, this allows you to choose the best options for assessing the activities and employees of the economic service. The article contains an analysis of possible approaches to the methods of material incentives for employees of the economic service, to the establishment of incentive payments within the framework of the introduction of an effective contract

    Authors: Kadyrov F. N. [123]

    Tags: bonuses1 effective contract13 employment contract5 incentive payments8 incentives3 wages5

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  • Manager of health care consults
  • 2022 № 1 Financing of the compulsory health insurance system in 2022

    The most important factor affecting the amount and methods of financial support of the compulsory medical insurance system, as in the last two years, continues to be the spread of coronavirus infection COVID‑19.
    In the proposed paper discusses not only the indicators of the budget of the Federal compulsory medical insurance Fund, but the dynamics of indicators, including, in comparison with the rate of inflation, and other factors.
    New directions of the use of compulsory medical insurance funds are identified, the reasons for their appearance are considered.

    Authors: Kadyrov F. N. [123] Obukhova O. V. [28] Bazarova I. N. [12] Endovitskaya  Yu.  V. [11]

    Tags: effective contract13 incentive payments8 medical organizations23 occupational examinations1 oncological diseases4

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  • 2014 № 3 Problems of combining requirements on concretization of labor conditions compensation while concluding a labor contract with the necessity to consider real outcome of the work (Federal Research Institute for HealthCare Organization and Information of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of Russian Federation, Moscow)

    Annotation. Introduction of efficient contract suggests concretization of the content of labor contracts with employees, including the point of labor compensation conditions. However, the compensation should depend from the work outcome, which is impossible to evaluate beforehand. How should the combination of these two requirements be guaranteed? Should there always be indicated an exact amount of compensation in the labor contract? This material is dedicated to possible ways of solving this problem.

    Authors: Kadyrov F. N. [123]

    Tags: collective agreement1 efficient contract9 financial stimulation2 incentive payments8 labor compensation4 labor contract6 salary2

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  • 2022 № 9 About some methodological approaches to the assessment of the salary level of medical workers.

    The article deals with methodological issues of assessing the level of salaries of medical workers by official statistics bodies (Rosstat) and within the framework of surveys of medical workers themselves.
    The main methodological differences are shown in the methods of calculating the indicators characterizing wages used by statistical authorities and survey organizers. The main reasons leading to the discrepancy between the results of such assessments are shown. Among them, first of all, it is necessary to name different approaches to accounting for personal income tax, restrictions in the sample, etc.
    In addition, official statistics take into account not only wages, but also some other expenses in favor of employees. At the same time, the concept of "average number" is used, which is not taken into account in the framework of the conducted surveys.
    At the same time, the salaries of medical workers in order to assess the achievement of the targets set by the May Presidential
    Decrees should be correlated not with the average salary for the subject of the Russian Federation, but with the average monthly income from work.
    Such methodological differences create an objective basis for the discrepancy between the survey results and official statistical data and should be taken into account when interpreting the data obtained.

    Authors: Kadyrov F. N. [123] Obukhova O. V. [28] Chililov A. M. [24] Endovitskaya  Yu.  V. [11]

    Tags: compensation payments4 coronavirus  infection12 covid-1928 incentive payments8 special social benefits4 statistics5 wages5

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  • 2020 № 2 The Main approaches to the evaluation of the effectiveness of the implementation of the “effective contract” in health care

    The upcoming reform of the wage system involves a more detailed analysis of not only the advantages and disadvantages of the existing system (as well as previous ones), but also the practice of its application. The most obvious criterion for evaluating the effectiveness of the current wage system is to assess how well it has enabled the implementation of an effective contract and the tasks assigned to it. At the same time, it is necessary to analyze what were the problems of introducing an effective contract that are not directly related to a specific wage system.
    One of the main methodological problems with the introduction of an effective contract is that the recommendations for its introduction, developed at the preliminary stage, were not revised following the evaluation of the implementation of an effective contract and its results. Best practices and mistakes were not taken into account, which made it impossible to adjust and specify approaches to the introduction of an effective contract.
    In many ways, this is why many institutions have approached the introduction of an effective contract quite formally.
    The proposed article is devoted to the criteria for evaluating the success of implementing an effective contract in state (municipal) health care institutions.

    Authors: Kadyrov F. N. [123] Obukhova O. V. [28] Chililov A. M. [24]

    Tags: effective contracts1 incentive payments8 indicators and criteria for evaluating the performance of employees1 remuneration3 remuneration systems1 state (municipal) institutions7

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  • 2022 № 8 About some methodological issues of remuneration of medical workers

    The article discusses a number of methodological issues of remuneration that arose against the background of the suspension of special social payments for work with COVID‑19 and their replacement with compensation payments, as well as the postponement of pilot projects that were to be implemented in order to prepare for the introduction of a new system of remuneration for medical workers.

    Authors: Kadyrov F. N. [123] Obukhova O. V. [28] Chililov A. M. [24] Endovitskaya  Yu.  V. [11]

    Tags: compensation payments4 coronavirus  infection12 covid-1928 incentive payments8 remuneration3 special social benefits4

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  • Financial management
  • 2022 № 11 Implementation Of The Material Incentives Mechanism In A Healthcare Organization With The Use Of HIS.

    The article notes the importance of the financial incentive mechanism for a healthcare organization. The mechanism should be both effective, delicate, objective, fair, transparent, stimulating professional and personal growth. The principles are proposed and the mechanism of material incentives, built at the V. A. Nasonova Research Institute of Rheumatology. The features of the implementation of the subsystem “Incentive payments” in HIS Interin PROMIS are briefly presented. In conclusion, the main results of the implementation and operation of the subsystem “Incentive payments” of HIS in the medical organization are listed.

    Authors: Mantserov K. M. [1] Khatkevich M. I. [1] Khatkevich M. M. [1] Shipilova A. V. [1]

    Tags: financial incentives1 healthcare information system1 incentive payments8 kpi1

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