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  • 2015 № 4 Improved reporting on blood transfusion

    By Delphi method with 58 experts there was carried out a three-step search for indicators reporting on the work of blood transfusion. Lapidary report form containing number of transfused blood components units and recipients has been proposed.

    Authors: Zarubin M. V. [2] Zhiburt E. B. [15] Sultanbaev U. S. [2] Belyaev A. E. [1] Gaponova T. V. [1] Grechanyuk N. D. [1] Madzaev S. R. [4] Tankaeva H. S. [1]

    Tags: blood transfusion10 delphi method1 reports1 statistics5

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  • Manager of health care consults
  • 2022 № 9 About some methodological approaches to the assessment of the salary level of medical workers.

    The article deals with methodological issues of assessing the level of salaries of medical workers by official statistics bodies (Rosstat) and within the framework of surveys of medical workers themselves.
    The main methodological differences are shown in the methods of calculating the indicators characterizing wages used by statistical authorities and survey organizers. The main reasons leading to the discrepancy between the results of such assessments are shown. Among them, first of all, it is necessary to name different approaches to accounting for personal income tax, restrictions in the sample, etc.
    In addition, official statistics take into account not only wages, but also some other expenses in favor of employees. At the same time, the concept of "average number" is used, which is not taken into account in the framework of the conducted surveys.
    At the same time, the salaries of medical workers in order to assess the achievement of the targets set by the May Presidential
    Decrees should be correlated not with the average salary for the subject of the Russian Federation, but with the average monthly income from work.
    Such methodological differences create an objective basis for the discrepancy between the survey results and official statistical data and should be taken into account when interpreting the data obtained.

    Authors: Kadyrov F. N. [123] Obukhova O. V. [28] Chililov A. M. [24] Endovitskaya  Yu.  V. [11]

    Tags: compensation payments4 coronavirus  infection11 covid-1928 incentive payments8 special social benefits4 statistics5 wages5

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  • Management in healthcare
  • 2023 № 6 Overview of the state of dental care to the children’s population of the Tver region for the period 2016–2020 years.

    Taking care of the health of the population of the Tver region is an important area of social regional policy. The main task of the dental service of the Tver region is to preserve and strengthen the health of citizens of the Tver region, increase the role of prevention of dental diseases, form a model of the organization of the dental industry, ensuring the availability and quality of dental care, improving the efficiency of dental services, the volumes, types and quality of which should correspond to the level of morbidity and the needs of the population, advanced achievements of medical science.
    P u r p o s e . To review statistical data on the provision of dental care to children in public institutions of the Tver region.
    M a t e r i a l s a n d m e t h o d s . The review, analysis, collection and comparison of aggregated data for 2016–2020 in Tver and the Tver region were carried out: statistical data on demography, analysis of dental service performance indicators, analysis of indicators of accessibility of dental care to the children’s population by questioning parents/legal representatives of children’s patients, analysis of personnel potential and questioning of dentists in the profile “Pediatric dentistry”.
    R e s u l t s . This article is devoted to an overview of the activities of public health institutions of the Tver region providing dental care to the children’s population within the framework of compulsory medical insurance. The results of the study indicate that the prevalence of dental caries among children of the Tver region is consistently high. Further preventive programs and additional research are needed to improve the dental health of children.

    Authors: Konovalov O. E. [4] Zhukova K. V. [3]

    Tags: accessibility3 compulsory medical insurance18 dental care for children1 prevention of dental diseases1 qualification of doctors2 quality5 review2 statistics5

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  • Management in health care
  • 2014 № 10 National blood transfusion reporting features (National Pirogov Medical and Surgical Center, Moscow, Russia)

    Existing indicators of statistical reporting on blood transfusions in the Russian hospital are invalid and suggest keeping mixed blood and blood components and are not subject to unequivocal interpretation. Scholastic use of the existing statistical indicators makes them practically unusable, and the impossibility of any analysis of transfusion therapy in Russian clinics.

    Authors: Zhiburt E. B. [15] Madzaev S. R. [4] Kuzmin N. S. [1]

    Tags: a complication1 blood transfusion10 infusion1 plasma3 platelets5 red blood cells3 statistics5 the recipient1

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  • First medical aid documentation
  • 2014 № 3 Modernization of the primary medical documentation services of maternity and child health (On observation of the pregnant woman, the lying-in woman and the woman in childbirth) (ASDI «The Central scientific research institute of the organization and informatization of public health services» of the ministry of health of the Russian Federation, Moscow, Russia)

    In article the substantiation of necessity of modernization of the primary medical documentation is stated because operating documents «the Medical card of the pregnant woman and the woman in childbirth» (the form 111/acount), «History of sorts» (the form 96/ac) and «the Exchange card of female consultation and maternity hospital» (the form 113/ac) have become outdated and do not correspond to modern requirements and technologies. The concept of constructing of the new documentation-unified, computer-oriented is stated, which allows using a block principle to build up the algorithms of observation of patients accepted now at different stages of reproductive process and reduces time of filling of medical cards. Offered documents have passed approbation on pilot projects and contain all data necessary for monitoring condition of the woman, a fruit and the child, and allows to estimate activity of the medical personnel of establishments, state of health of women of reproductive age and quality of posterity on territories and drawing up of the statistical reporting (FSO № 32).

    Authors: Leonov S. A. [14] Tsybulskaja I. S. [2] Zajchenko N. M. [2]

    Tags: a fruit1 algorithm of observation1 base documents1 loose leaves1 modernization1 newborn1 pregnant and the lying-in women1 statistics5 the primary medical documentation1 unification1

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