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  • 2022 № 11 Implementation Of The Material Incentives Mechanism In A Healthcare Organization With The Use Of HIS.

    The article notes the importance of the financial incentive mechanism for a healthcare organization. The mechanism should be both effective, delicate, objective, fair, transparent, stimulating professional and personal growth. The principles are proposed and the mechanism of material incentives, built at the V. A. Nasonova Research Institute of Rheumatology. The features of the implementation of the subsystem “Incentive payments” in HIS Interin PROMIS are briefly presented. In conclusion, the main results of the implementation and operation of the subsystem “Incentive payments” of HIS in the medical organization are listed.

    Authors: Mantserov K. M. [1] Khatkevich M. I. [1] Khatkevich M. M. [1] Shipilova A. V. [1]

    Tags: financial incentives1 healthcare information system1 incentive payments8 kpi1

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