Manager Zdravoochranenia 2016 #1

Published: 2016-01-20



  • There are defined winners in nominees of Publishing House «Manager of Health Care»

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  • Management in health care
  • Organisation and outcomes of monitoring medical-economical factors of high-technology medical aid

    This article explores individual organisational-methodological approaches to constructing monitoring informational systems of high technology medical aid. Authors conclude that there is a necessity to create unique monitoring systems and databases, formed by personified audit of the most significant signs of surveillance subject. Article’s materials can be used while modelling information systems for practical implementation of high medical technology in circumstances of one stream financing.

    Authors: Obukhova O. V. [28] Perkhov V. I. [20] Bazarova I. N. [12] Gorin S. G. [3]

    Tags: high technology medical aid1 informatization of healthcare3 one channel financing1

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  • Chronic complications of diabetes mellitus: specialized outpatient medical service organization and efficacy according to experts’ opinion survey

    Multidisciplinary outpatient care structures for patients with late complications of diabetes (diabetic foot, retinopathy, and somewhere – for diabetic nephropathy) were established in Russia since late 1990s. We conducted a survey of 22 experts from 12 regions of the Russian Federation for the analysis of the current state of specialized outpatient care for patients with these conditions, assess demand in this type of care and develop possible improvements. The necessity of outpatient diabetic foot clinics was obvious for 100% of the experts, of diabetic retinopathy consultative rooms – for 95%, of diabetic nephropathy consultative rooms – for 52%. Eighty five percent, 52% and 15% of the experts respectively reported about work of such outpatient structures in their regions. In all three fields lack of funding and lack of qualified personnel were pointed as the main barriers for establishment and development of such outpatient structures. The efficacy of patients treatment in outpatient diabetic foot clinics (where they work) was considered an effective by 47% of experts, in diabetic retinopathy consultative rooms – by 55%. In conclusion, (1) the demand in outpatient diabetic foot and diabetic retinopathy specialized structures is obvious, but is questionable with regard to diabetic nephropathy; (2) the performance of these service is not sufficiently high, which requires appealing of qualified specialists there (which is impossible without adequate funding), training of specialists and quality management; (3) we found evidence of inadequate availability of such specialized outpatient care for patients with diabetes, which requires increase of such offices number, and targeted referral of patients there from primary care physicians.

    Authors: Udovichenko O. V. [2] Berseneva E. A. [5] Meshkov D. O. [4]

    Tags: diabetes mellitus6 diabetic foot2 diabetic nephropathy2 diabetic retinopathy3 experts survey1 organization of outpatient care1

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  • SWOT analysis as an instrument of strategic planning while enhancing private medical clinic diagnostic service

    The analysis of the reorganization of diagnostic service of a big Chelyabinsk private medical clinic by means of joining of a high-profitable ultrasound diagnostic department and endoscopic cabinets with low marginal profitability in the one whole. SWOT-analysis gave basis for pointing out inner and outer factors, influencing the diagnostic service development. As a result of two previously separated material development funds and introducing the system of complex examination of patients the material basis of the whole department was strengthened, that caused economic efficiency at its activity, analysed with the help of profitability markers: assets, production and selling.

    Authors: Moskvicheva M. G. [5] Berezhkov D. V. [1]

    Tags: diagnostic examination1 economic efficiency7 private medical clinic1 swot-analysis3

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  • Optimization of organizational models sanatorium treatment as a factor in the effectiveness of international integration in the field of health

    In the article is shown the possibility for Russia as one of the leading positions in sphere of the provision of services in sanatorium treatment in relation to the tasks of the national preventive health areas (for example, analysis of the thematic sub-programs of the Russian Federation’s State program «Health Development» for the period up to 2020).

    Authors: Perfilova O. E. [1] Shigan E. E. [1]

    Tags: ecological balance1 health care management1 life quality1 medical history1 recreation resources1 sanatorium treatment1

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  • Medical statistics
  • Incidents of morbidity and outcomes of pregnancy among women in Moscow in the period between 2010 and 2014 years

    Analysis of pregnancy outcomes in Moscow in the period between 2010 and 2014 years demonstrated a growth of some pregnancies 9.2%. Whereas there was recorded an increase in the number of abortions by 5.7% and extra-uterine pregnancies by 15.6%. The number of pregnant women with various pathologies has increased from 78.5% (2010) to 80.7% (2014). Wherein the total morbidity rate among pregnant women decreased from 206.41 to 191.65 in 2014, and the forecasted estimate demonstrates a possible growth. There is also a decline in cases of diseases of the genitourinary system by 4.8%, cases of anaemia by 7.6% and blood circulatory system disease by 1.3%. At the same time, there was recorded a growth in the number of venous complications by 5.1% from 5.86 (2010) to 6.16 (2014) per 100 who ended their pregnancy, and growth of endocrine system diseases.

    Authors: Ivanova M. A. [12] Vorihanov A. V. [1] Polikarpov А. V. [5]

    Tags: anaemia1 growth1 morbidity13 pregnancy4 pregnancy outcomes2

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  • Financial management
  • On particular issues of defining the demand for hospital beds (according to data from Samara region)

    The task to define the real demand for hospital beds has become one of the most relevant ones in the recent times. There are suggested several options to estimate demand, out which the most attractive are those based on the audits of the population’s morbidity.

    Authors: Geht I. A. [17] Artemieva G. B. [12]

    Tags: demand for hospital beds1 morbidity of population2

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  • Special opinion
  • The issue of accounting various elements of payroll while evaluating the minimal wage

    The legislator guarantees to pay an employee a salary of not less than a minimal wage in Russia upon completion of working within a monthly period. Wherein there is a variety of interpretations of separate articles of Labour Codex of Russian Federation, as well as court rulings to prompt a wealth of questions about the substance of the minimal wage. Given the questions that the author is facing in from professional activity, we attempt to provide a comprehensive analysis of the minimal wage structure.

    Authors: Volzhanin P. V. [2]

    Tags: judicial practice for estimating the value of minimum wage1 minimal wage size1 the structure of minimal wage1 the substance of minimal wage1

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  • Manager of health care consults
  • The paradoxes of health care funding in 2016: the system of mandatory health care insurance policies recorded extra funds, which will be withdrawn back into the federal budget

    With all complexity of current economic landscape in the country, health care remains to be one of the top priority spheres regarding financing. Despite the crisis, the volume of funds, allocated to the field is gradually increasing. However, the growth rates of spending on health care lag behind the rates of inflation. Furthermore, a significant part of the budget of Federal Fund of the mandatory medical insurance policy is not connected with the provision of medical aid in the medical mandatory insurance system. Expenditure of Mandatory Medical Insurance System is not oriented on President’s orders to increase the salaries. And despite the presence of crucial financial issues in the mandatory medical insurance system, substantial funds are withdrawn from the Federal budget of Mandatory Medical Insurance system into the federal budget.

    Authors: Kadyrov F. N. [123] Brutovа A. S. [5] Obuhova O. V. [5]

    Tags: budget7 compulsory health insurance policy2 deficit6 expenditure1 financing13 healthcare12 income6 inflation2 national fund of mandatory medical insurance1

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  • Problem statement
  • The issues with payments for implants, not registered on the approved list of implants, used when providing medical aid within a state guarantees program

    Authors: Kadyrov F. N. [123]

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  • Questions and answers
  • Questions answered by PhD. of Economic F.N. Kadyrov

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  • Actual normative document
  • Actual normative document

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