Decision support systems
  • 2020 № 4 Non-infectious diseases information system for pre-military evaluation of the risk

    The article describes a conceptual approach to automating the algorithm for pre-hospital assessment of risk factors
    for non-communicable diseases in order to detect diseases early and monitor them later. The presented information system will allow calculating risk factors for non-communicable diseases, providing dynamic monitoring, and creating a unified register of pre-medical examinations. The information system is developed on the basis of a previously developed algorithm for pre-medical assessment of the risk of non-communicable diseases [4], and allows preliminary identification of risk factors for non-communicable diseases among the General population without conducting expensive analyses and without involving highly qualified medical professionals.

    Authors: Suetina T. A. [3] Kitaeva E. A. [3] Kitaev M. R. [3] Abdulganieva Z. A. [2] Bakirova E. A. [1]

    Tags: dynamic monitoring1 early detection1 health care3 information system5 noncommunicable diseases1 risk factors5

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  • Regional informatizatian projects
  • 2019 № 1 Mobile app «The diary of self-control»

    The article presents the development of a specialized mobile application “Diary of self-control”, designed for patients
    of ”school of stroke“ Rybno-Slobodsky district of the Republic of Tatarstan. The application is designed to integrate with the information and analytical system “stroke School”, implemented on the basis of the neurological Department of the Central district hospital of Rybno-Slobodsky district. The application is designed to monitor the main health indicators that are critical in the prevention of stroke, as well as to plan the intake of drugs prescribed by a doctor, and planning periodic visits to specialized medical institutions for the prevention of primary and secondary strokes.

    Authors: Suetina T. A. [3] Kitaeva E. A. [3] Kitaev M. R. [3] Abdulganieva Z. A. [2]

    Tags: acute cerebrovascular accident1 diary of self-checking1 mobile application1 school of a stroke2 stroke prevention1

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  • 2018 № 1 Conceptual model of information and analytical system «school of insult»

    In article the concept of the information and analytical system developed on the basis of a neurology unit of the Central regional hospital of the Fish and Suburban district of the Republic of Tatarstan and intended for ensuring activity of School of a Stroke is developed. Work is based on long-term experience of establishment in the sphere of prophylaxis of emergence of primary acute disorders of a cerebral circulation, in particular, of strokes and also prophylaxis of their secondary emergence and treatment of their consequences. The purpose of development and deployment of IAS «School of a Stroke» is ensuring information support of doctors at exercise of scheduled maintenance, the help in creation of the personified prophylaxis, ensuring continuous dynamics of scheduled maintenance and contribution to formation of commitment to treatment. In article the purposes, functions, tasks and possible implementers of system are described. The scheme of the movement of information streams in system is given.

    Authors: Suetina T. A. [3] Kitaeva E. A. [3] Kamaeva I. K. [1] Kitaev M. R. [3] Salyahova L. Ya. [1] Vafin A. Yu [1]

    Tags: acute disorder of a cerebral circulation1 information and analytical system2 prophylaxis of a stroke1 school of a stroke2 stroke1

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