Conceptual model of information and analytical system «school of insult»

Published: 2018-02-09

    Regional informatizatian projects
  • In article the concept of the information and analytical system developed on the basis of a neurology unit of the Central regional hospital of the Fish and Suburban district of the Republic of Tatarstan and intended for ensuring activity of School of a Stroke is developed. Work is based on long-term experience of establishment in the sphere of prophylaxis of emergence of primary acute disorders of a cerebral circulation, in particular, of strokes and also prophylaxis of their secondary emergence and treatment of their consequences. The purpose of development and deployment of IAS «School of a Stroke» is ensuring information support of doctors at exercise of scheduled maintenance, the help in creation of the personified prophylaxis, ensuring continuous dynamics of scheduled maintenance and contribution to formation of commitment to treatment. In article the purposes, functions, tasks and possible implementers of system are described. The scheme of the movement of information streams in system is given.

    Authors: Suetina T. A. [3] Kitaeva E. A. [3] Kamaeva I. K. [1] Kitaev M. R. [3] Salyahova L. Ya. [1] Vafin A. Yu [1]

    Tags: acute disorder of a cerebral circulation1 information and analytical system2 prophylaxis of a stroke1 school of a stroke2 stroke1




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