Medical informational systems
  • 2015 № 3 Experience the formalization of processes and the formation of functional equirements for medical information system of health care institutions in the field of transfusion.

    The paper presents the main challenges and trends in the development of information technology in health care. Described international and Russian experience of standardization and systematization of the requirements for the formalization and quality processes as health care and with the introduction and in their information systems. As an example of the approach to the formalization of processes and the formation of functional requirements for medical information systems is the implementation and formalization of requirements separation Transfusion of «Federal Research Center of Pediatric Hematology, Oncology and Immunology named Dmitry Rogachev» Russian Ministry of health.

    Authors: Pankov A. V. [1] Karaseva A. I. [1] Starichkova. Y. V. [1]

    Tags: health care3 hemotransfusion1 information technology2 medical informatics7

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  • Mainstream
  • 2016 № 3 Big Data technology in medicine and healthcare in Russia and in the world

    The article describes the path of scientific and technological development and commercial prospects of Big Data technologies in the field of healthcare in the world and Russia. The results of the patent-conjuncture analysis of trends in Big Data in medicine are represented. It showed a high potential for the formation of new markets and market niches and services in this area. The main trends of the evolution of technological solutions in the area of Big Data in the field of health were identified. An assessment of the global competitiveness of the Russian Big Data development in the field of medicine was given.

    Authors: Tsvetkova L. A. [4] Cherchenko. О. V. [2]

    Tags: . big the data1 competitiveness2 health care3 patent analysis2 promising areas of implementation1 technology trends1 the russian developments1

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  • Decision support systems
  • 2020 № 4 Non-infectious diseases information system for pre-military evaluation of the risk

    The article describes a conceptual approach to automating the algorithm for pre-hospital assessment of risk factors
    for non-communicable diseases in order to detect diseases early and monitor them later. The presented information system will allow calculating risk factors for non-communicable diseases, providing dynamic monitoring, and creating a unified register of pre-medical examinations. The information system is developed on the basis of a previously developed algorithm for pre-medical assessment of the risk of non-communicable diseases [4], and allows preliminary identification of risk factors for non-communicable diseases among the General population without conducting expensive analyses and without involving highly qualified medical professionals.

    Authors: Suetina T. A. [3] Kitaeva E. A. [3] Kitaev M. R. [3] Abdulganieva Z. A. [2] Bakirova E. A. [1]

    Tags: dynamic monitoring1 early detection1 health care3 information system5 noncommunicable diseases1 risk factors5

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