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Information technologies for the Physician 2016 #5

Published: 2016-05-05



    Medical decision support systems
  • Fuzzy in clinical medicine and the need to reflect in expert systems.

    At the paper considered of physician problems at describing of subjective clinical characteristics for which there is no single and consistent opinion (certainty factor). Point out to reflection of patients and physicians to describe them. It sets out methods for their formal presentation with the use of logical-linguistic scales and expert certainty factors for creating expert systems.

    Authors: Kobrinskii. B. A. [6]

    Tags: certainty factor1 fuzzy expert systems1 fuzzy logic2 linguistic scale1 medical diagnostic1 not-factors1 reflection1

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  • Results of the expert systems comparison for diagnostics of acute pharyngeal diseases.

    The description of the development of expert system (ES) of differential diagnostics of acute pharyngeal diseases based on different mathematical algorithms; «Portrait method», «Naiv Bayes classificator» (NBC), «Artificial Neuron Nets» (ANN) is presented in this article. Randonization of 476 of completed clinical cases with acute pharyngeal diseases, paratonsilitis, parapharyngitis, acute tonsillitis, acute pharyngitis is used. The technology of ES development is described. The clinical evaluation showed that ES based on «Portrait method» gives wrong diagnoses for whole list of diagnosed diseases by 8.40%. ES checking based on NBC in the clinical practice revealed differences in diagnoses in 47,6% of cases but developed ES «Program using for differential diagnosis of acute pharyngeal diseases «LOR-Neuro» showed high clinical efficiency in 96% of cases.

    Authors: Sannikov. A. G. [5] Yastremsky A. P. [2] Izvin A. I. [1] Sokolovsky N. S. [1] Zaharov. S. D. [1]

    Tags: atrificial neuron nets1 expert systems3 mathematical algorithms1 naiv bayes classificatory1 portrait method1

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  • Actual problems of the development of information resources
  • Experience of the information basis for the continuing professional education of medical specialists.

    Development of an information framework for the training and certification of health care specialists is a priority vector in the formation of professional competences they required to perform labour functions, as well as the requirement of establishing a system of continuing professional education (CPE). The algorithm and its practical implementation in the training and certification of doctors with a view to shaping the work of organizing and conducting medical examinations-temporary incapacity for work and the quality of care. The central place in the draft regional level belonged to the cycle of training for doctors. It involved 121 specialists (60 doctors, health service organizers, and 61 clinician). They had appreciated the input and knowledge of the subject of medical examinations using statistical apparatus to determine the authenticity of the learning outcomes. Found that clinicians before the start of the course were less prepared in the subject area. Upon completion, a statistically reliable differences have been detected. Taken into account the current and long-term accessibility of health-care specialists to professional information when system CPE which focuses on the use of electronic educational resources and distance learning technologies. This will create a new efficiency in medical education.

    Authors: Kudrina V. G. [3] Kamardin V. V. [1] Goncharova O. V. [1] Kuchin. N. E. [1]

    Tags: information base for continuing professional education1 medical specialists2 professional competence and labour functions1 the new efficiency in medical education1

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  • About the definition of the classes of Cybersecurity of Medical devices.

    The paper discusses problems of Cybersecurity (CS) digital medical devices (MD). Lists the main threats associated with unauthorized external cybervandalism (CV) MD for patient safety. The classification of MD depending on the level of initial security from CV. The rules identify classes of CS medical devices.

    Authors: Stolbov. A. P. [6]

    Tags: classification of risks of the use of medical devices1 information security3 medical devices2 the classes of cybersecurity medical devices1

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  • Automated analytics in healthcare
  • The value of program complex for the certification of vascular centers and improving of the system of health care for patients with diseases of the circulatory system in the Moscow region.

    In order to form an optimal organization of medical care management for patients with myocardial infarction and acute accidents ofcerebrovascular system within the regional segment of the unified state health information system, a program complex (PC) was created which allow for the certification of vascular centers (VC), primary vascular branches (PVB) of medical organizations of the Moscow region. PC allows to maintain a register of patients, form the optimal routing of patients for specialized treatment in VC and PVB of medical organizations, to monitor online the quality of the treatment, to check the compliance with the orders, requirements, standards and clinical guidelines, as well as to carry out planningof requirements and centralized procurement of supplies and medical equipment for VC and PVB

    Authors: Gurov A. N. [4] Galyutin О. А. [1] Tsareva. O. V. [1]

    Tags: acute accidents ofcerebrovascular system1 certification of vascular centers1 diseases of the blood circulatory system1 mortality1 the program complex1 the register of patients with myocardial infarction1

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  • Analytical processing of databases of the implemented information systems on the example of risk factors of socially dangerous actions of patients with organic damage of a brain.

    In article the possibility of use of the existing medical information systems introduced on the basis of medical institutions of the Tyumen region in studying of problems of public health is defined. On the basis of databases of the automated information system “Forensic-psychiatric Examination” the conclusions of out-patient forensic-psychiatric examination of the Tyumen region for 2005–2014 are analysed. The risk factors leading patients with organic damage of a brain to commission of socially dangerous actions are revealed. Are carried to such factors: a male, age till 30 years, the diagnosis “intellectual backwardness”. It is statistically proved that persons with this set of factors commit crimes under 159 and 161 articles of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation. The majority subexpert admit responsible a consequence. In article possible measures for primary prevention of socially dangerous actions of patients with organic damage of a brain are proposed.

    Authors: Svalkovsky A. V. [1] Zakharov. S. D. [4]

    Tags: databases1 forensic-psychiatric examination1 medical information system20 organic lesion of a brain1 prophylaxis1 psychiatry1 risk factors5 socially dangerous actions1

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  • Ranking definition method of health insurance companies based on hierarchical classification.

    The official site of Federal compulsory medical insurance fund presents 21 activity indicators for the 59 health insurance organizations (HIOs) for 2015. Each indicator represents an activity efficiency criteria of HIO in the certain area as following: its larger or smaller value defines whether the company activity is successful or not. The HIO rating is defined per each of these criteria. Undoubtedly, HIO ranking definition problem on set of all the considered criteria is becoming particularly urgent. The purpose of this work is to apply the metrical approach for HIO activity efficiency assessment, based on the hierarchical classification method that assumes the distance calculation among HIOs as among the points of multidimensional space in the coordinate system corresponding to the criteria of their efficiency. The concept of reference organization that accumulates the best value of all of the HIO criteria is introduced in this paper. The ratings of insurance companies are established in accordance with the distance to the reference organization by the principle – the smaller the distance, the more efficient the company is and the higher its rating is (the place in the HIO list). The method is implemented in the environment of the STATISTICA statistical package. HIO ratings, defined by the proposed method can be used to identify promising and unpromising HIOs in order to plan their upcoming development or structural changes, they can also act as the specific navigator when choosing the health insurance company

    Authors: Khaliphyan A. A. [1] Koshkarov A. A. [8] Semenov. A. B. [2]

    Tags: classification1 criterion1 efficiency4 health insurance organizations (hios)1 object1 rating2 similarity1 the distance1

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  • Automated control system of medical organization resources.

    The current state of health informatics development in the Russian Federation puts in a number of urgent task of modernizing the information systems of health care organizations. In this paper comprehensively deals with the modernization and development of e-health medical organization. It focuses on the automated management system of medical organizations. A mathematical model for calculating the effectiveness is represented. The proposed approach can be used by leaders of health care organizations, heads of departments of information to build a system of regulations that organize the work on the modernization and development of medical information systems.

    Authors: Losev. A. Y. [2]

    Tags: healthcare information systems1 management information systems2 the effectiveness of the implementation of information systems1

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  • News.
  • NEWS

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