Experience of the information basis for the continuing professional education of medical specialists.

Published: 2017-06-03

    Actual problems of the development of information resources
  • Development of an information framework for the training and certification of health care specialists is a priority vector in the formation of professional competences they required to perform labour functions, as well as the requirement of establishing a system of continuing professional education (CPE). The algorithm and its practical implementation in the training and certification of doctors with a view to shaping the work of organizing and conducting medical examinations-temporary incapacity for work and the quality of care. The central place in the draft regional level belonged to the cycle of training for doctors. It involved 121 specialists (60 doctors, health service organizers, and 61 clinician). They had appreciated the input and knowledge of the subject of medical examinations using statistical apparatus to determine the authenticity of the learning outcomes. Found that clinicians before the start of the course were less prepared in the subject area. Upon completion, a statistically reliable differences have been detected. Taken into account the current and long-term accessibility of health-care specialists to professional information when system CPE which focuses on the use of electronic educational resources and distance learning technologies. This will create a new efficiency in medical education.

    Authors: Kudrina V. G. [3] Kamardin V. V. [1] Goncharova O. V. [1] Kuchin. N. E. [1]

    Tags: information base for continuing professional education1 medical specialists2 professional competence and labour functions1 the new efficiency in medical education1




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