Analytical processing of databases of the implemented information systems on the example of risk factors of socially dangerous actions of patients with organic damage of a brain.

Published: 2017-06-03

    Automated analytics in healthcare
  • In article the possibility of use of the existing medical information systems introduced on the basis of medical institutions of the Tyumen region in studying of problems of public health is defined. On the basis of databases of the automated information system “Forensic-psychiatric Examination” the conclusions of out-patient forensic-psychiatric examination of the Tyumen region for 2005–2014 are analysed. The risk factors leading patients with organic damage of a brain to commission of socially dangerous actions are revealed. Are carried to such factors: a male, age till 30 years, the diagnosis “intellectual backwardness”. It is statistically proved that persons with this set of factors commit crimes under 159 and 161 articles of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation. The majority subexpert admit responsible a consequence. In article possible measures for primary prevention of socially dangerous actions of patients with organic damage of a brain are proposed.

    Authors: Svalkovsky A. V. [1] Zakharov. S. D. [4]

    Tags: databases1 forensic-psychiatric examination1 medical information system20 organic lesion of a brain1 prophylaxis1 psychiatry1 risk factors5 socially dangerous actions1




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