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    Management in health care
  • 2014 № 6 Process approach - innovative technology of organization of medical examinations (FSBI <Central scientific research institute of the organization and information of public health services Ministry of HealthCare of the Russian Federation>, Moscow, Russia; Higher School of Economics, Moscow, Russia; Medical-sanitary health clinic, Astrakhan, Russia)

    The article describes algorithms and results of integration of process approach for medical examinations.

    Authors: Kadyrov F. N. [101] Yugay M. T. [1] Rybalchenko I. E. [2]

    Tags: increase of throughput1 modeling3 process approach7 processes2 quality management2

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  • International experience
  • 2019 № 6 Management in modern management in foreign health care systems(scientific literature review)

    This science literature review was conducted for five-year period. It has been established that the process of improvement by lean management has more than 50 years history in industry, and the experience is best carried out, in primary health care; the main of lean management introduction in healthcare is to ensure optimal participation of medical staff in the changes; the concept of medical care in the first place has the aim of improving the quality and availability of healthcare processes; mapping is a basic tool allows to visualize the process of changes and evaluate progress; project management is a method of comprehensive changes in healthcare in which the elements of lean management are also used to ensure general increase in the efficiency of transformations. Lean management is becoming increasingly scientific and practical tool in health management nowadays.

    Authors: Mokina N. A. [1] Vdovenko S. A. [1] Chertukhina O. B. [1]

    Tags: healthcare7 lean  management4 management11 processes2 quality of health care3

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