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    Management in healthcare
  • 2018 № 7 Оrganization of the service of radiodiagnosis in Moscow

    The analysis of uniformity of distribution of radiation diagnostics equipment in medical organizations of Moscow is Carried out. It is proposed to create a transparent and controlled system that allows to aggregate the entire volume of data on the conducted research to achieve high productivity and optimize financial costs. Redistri¬bution of loads in medical organizations by optimizing departments, revision of the regulatory framework will allow to use additional tools in the formation of x-ray conclusions. Continuous monitoring and monitoring of the radiation diagnosis equipment will significantly reduce the costs in the health care system and move to a higher and higher level of development of the radiation diagnosis service in Moscow

    Authors: Shelekhov P. V. [2]

    Tags: control3 distribution uniformity1 equipment3 monitoring2 moscow1 radiology3

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  • Focus of problem
  • 2017 № 8 Standards of medical care: whether they are mandatory for compliance with medical organizations?

    In the Federal legislation of public health has stated that «medical care is organized and is … on the basis of standards of medical care…». The phrase «on the basis of standards of medical care» is interpreted differently in medical institutions, in connection with which the question often arises: «do I have to perform the standards of care, or they are Advisory in nature?». In the article the authors substantiate and prove that is currently approved in the prescribed manner the standards of care mandatory for medical organizations and doctors

    Authors: Piven D. V. [48] Kitsul I. S. [49] Ivanov I. V. [24]

    Tags: inspections1 medical organization45 monitoring2 quality and safety of medical practice4 standards of medical care4

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