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    Personnel management
  • 2017 № 3 Main directions of forming of effective management and leadership styles by the medical organization

    In article the main approaches of assessment of professional competence of heads of the medical organizations, ways of forming of effective management by the Deming’s principles are provided: plan, carry out, control, improve, when the head skillfully combines all known leadership styles: authoritative, liberal, democratic, and in case of problem definition by the subordinate applies smart purposes, on the basis of SMART purposes: specific, measurable attainable, realistic, time-based.

    Authors: Livshits S. A. [1] Gurov A. N. [15]

    Tags: carry out1 chief physician1 control3 democratic1 director1 effective activities of the head plan1 improve1 liberal1 management styles authoritative1 smart criterion1

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  • Management in healthcare
  • 2018 № 7 Оrganization of the service of radiodiagnosis in Moscow

    The analysis of uniformity of distribution of radiation diagnostics equipment in medical organizations of Moscow is Carried out. It is proposed to create a transparent and controlled system that allows to aggregate the entire volume of data on the conducted research to achieve high productivity and optimize financial costs. Redistri¬bution of loads in medical organizations by optimizing departments, revision of the regulatory framework will allow to use additional tools in the formation of x-ray conclusions. Continuous monitoring and monitoring of the radiation diagnosis equipment will significantly reduce the costs in the health care system and move to a higher and higher level of development of the radiation diagnosis service in Moscow

    Authors: Shelekhov P. V. [2]

    Tags: control3 distribution uniformity1 equipment3 monitoring3 moscow1 radiology3

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  • Healthcare and law
  • 2014 № 4 The concept of medical expertise in the russian law (Penza State University, Penza, Russia)

    This article analyzes the concept of the medical expertise (its characteristics and legal and technical constraints), species classification, as well as the prospects for the emergence of biomedical expertise. Examines the legal framework for the implementation of control procedures for the production of medical expertise. Paid attention to the regulation of the independent expertise.

    Authors: Romanovskaya O. V. [6]

    Tags: biomedical expertise1 control3 independent expertise1 medical expertise1

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