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    Sociology of healthcare
  • 2022 № 6 Features of relationships in the family among teenagers at risk group of using psychoactive substances and the role of their study in psychological and pedagogical prevention of the Udmurt Republic

    The article presents an analysis of the preventive medical examination of teenagers to identify risk factors for non-drug use of narcotic and psychotropic substances in educational institutions of the Udmurt Republic. Risk factors for a healthy lifestyle have been identified through a survey of teenagers and their parents, types of families and specifics of upbringing have been identified, groups for family psychological and pedagogical prevention have been formed. Training sessions were held with parents of teenagers and the data of the results are presented, allowing them to be used in the preventive work of health care institutions.

    Authors: Lukin A. Yu. [2] Beznosova M. G. [1] Tikhomirova G. I. [2]

    Tags: education1 family relationships1 methodology5 psychological and pedagogical prevention1 teenager population1 types of nurture1

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  • Management in health care
  • 2021 № 8 A self-assessment methodology for improving the activity of a health resort based on the global model EFQM 2020

    Improving the quality of health resort services through effective management is one of the key tools to increase their competitiveness, which increases the demand, ensures year-round occupancy and increases their financial results. An independent assessment of the management system in a health resort and the publication of the results build the trust of guests as well as authorities and investors, which contributes to attracting investment in the resort and its sustainable development.
    Purpose of the study. This study develops a methodology for managing changes in accordance with standardized international criteria to improve the results and ensure the development of a health resort.
    Materials and methods. An express self-assessment of the health resort's management system was carried out by means of a questionnaire, which reveals the development level according to the most effective approaches within each criterion of the global model EFQM 2020. These criteria emphasize consumer priorities, sustainable values, the satisfaction of stakeholder needs, and the environment. The approaches characterizing the health resort’s activity, help to estimate the level of its maturity in accordance with the principles of sustainable development. The results were used to plan improvements in the health resort's operations.
    In comparison with the results of past self-assessments, these results record the current state of the management system and demonstrate the levels of development and tendencies in work practices, showing possibilities for the development of the resort. To assess the activities of the health resort organization for each element of the model, four options for assessing the levels of maturity were selected.
    Conclusions. Express self-assessment gives a rapid assessment of the activities of health resorts based on the questionnaire and information supplied verbally. The results can be obtained within one day and can represent graphically the evaluation profile of the health resort. The method can be used in any health resort, regardless of its organization, ownership, or medical specialization. Indirectly, the methodology develops patient- and risk-oriented thinking among management, which forms a culture of quality and innovation in the health resort itself and in the professional community of organizations in order to contribute to the growth and prosperity of the spa industry in Russia as a whole. Improving the methodology of express self-assessment includes clarifying and adding statements to the questionnaire in relation to the best management practices of health resorts, new goals, objectives, and
    business technologies, as well as challenges at the regional and global levels.

    Authors: Dovgan I. A. [2] Zaika I. T. [2]

    Tags: assessment model2 assessment profile1 criteria6 health resort organization2 international level2 management system2 methodology5 self-assessment1 sustainable development2

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  • 2018 № 10 Methodologikal aspects of evaluation of effectiveness in health care

    Modern health care is characterized by a number of problems and contradictions in the field of performance evaluation. Analysis of the research and legal documents indicates the absence of a common approach to the issue. In this regard, the development and implementation of evaluation systems in the public sector is still relevant and very difficult task.The article provides information on the main stages of the development of the assessment methodology in accordance with the various stages of reforming domestic health care. Conceptual approaches to the terminology of the problem are being conceptualized and the variety of techniques to study this phenomenon is visually demonstrated.The authors draw attention to the need to systematize the accumulated knowledge in this field and to find a clear conceptual basis for constructing an evaluation system.It is concluded that existing theoretical, methodological and practical developments, including those fixed at the legislative level, do not allow an objective and unambiguous assessment of the phenomenon under study.

    Authors: Arhipova S. V. [2] Dvoinikov S. I. [2]

    Tags: activities of medical organizations1 evaluation of the effectiveness1 methodology5 system approach3

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  • Hr management
  • 2013 № 9 Employment of medical staff for provision of first medical aid in the frames of territorial programs of state guarantees (Region state organization of healthcare «Bureau of medical statistics », Tomsk, Russia)

    In connection with the improvement of the health care system of the Russian Federation become actual problems of efficiency of use of available human resources and their planning. The basis of the health care system is the program of state guarantees of providing free medical care to the population (Federal and under construction on the basis of it region programs), so it is of paramount importance staff planning for the implementation of the size of the program. In the article the author considers the experience of use of the races, the couple needs for medical personnel in the Tomsk region, according to the «Methodology of calculation of needs of the subjects of the Russian Federation for medical personnel», developed by FSBO «CSRIOIH» of the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation. Shows the main advantages and complexity of the methodology, the authors make proposals for its improvement.

    Authors: Nesvetaylo N. Y. [1] Shibalkov I. P. [8]

    Tags: calculation1 demands1 medical staff7 methodology5 planning3

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  • Focus of problem
  • 2022 № 10 Categorization of the Higher Attestation Commission List and its place in the national system for evaluating the effectiveness of research and development

    In 2022, Western countries imposed sanctions on the Russian scientific community, giving grounds to overestimate the paradigm of building an open global scientific system, proclaimed in Europe after the end of the Cold War. The main refrain of the new stage is the strict regulation of European values and transatlantic interests in the security of communications with Russia. The growing relationship between foreign policy and security policy marks a departure from the principles of scientific internationalism, therefore, a National System for evaluating the Effectiveness of scientific research and Development is being created in the Russian Federation. The methodology of creating
    a sovereign system and the principles of forming a national “white list” of journals and/or scientific publishers, publications in which are taken into account when evaluating the activities of national organizations, collectives or individual scientists, are considered.
    In order to increase the strictness of the selection of journals of the list of Higher Attestation Commission and the transparency of its replenishment procedures, the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia has developed a Methodology for ranking journals of the list of Higher Attestation Commission. Scientometric indicators are listed, on the basis of which an integral indicator of the “quality of the journal” is calculated for each scientific specialty.
    The lists of peer-reviewed scientific journals are presented, in which the main scientific results of dissertations for the degree of candidate of science, for the degree of doctor of science, should be published, classified as K1, K2 and K3 in the scientific specialty 14.02.03 – Public health and healthcare (medical sciences).

    Authors: Kurakova N. G. [15] Tsvetkova L. А. [10]

    Tags: calculation algorithm1 categorization1 methodology5 quality indicator of journals1 the list of the higher attestation commission1 the national system for evaluating the effectiveness of scientific research and development1 the “white list” of journals1

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