Information technologies for the Physician 2017 #1

Published: 2017-01-08



    Regional informatizatian projects
  • Infrastructure health informatization Tula region.

    The experience of development the Regional Medical Information System is analyzed as an example RMIS Tulsa region. The aims of implementation works are substantiated on the development of components of the system, the tasks are formulated standing before the RMIS, three-unit architecture RMIS is offered like a structure that best matches the aims, principles of functioning and tasks the RMIS. Statistical data about intermediate results of implementation the RMIS are analyzed, that showing correctness made decisions on designing and realization the RMIS. The variant of staffing the RMIS is offered.

    Authors: Privalov A. N. [1] Dumchev S. V. [1] Kelman. Т. V. [1]

    Tags: electronic medical records2 healthcare informatization4 regional medical information system1

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  • Development of functional tasks and structure of the regional information system for monitoring obstetric Tula region.

    Annotation. This paper proposes a way to automate the monitoring of pregnant Tula region taking into account the peculiarities of the organization of obstetric care in the region. Designed for automated functional tasks pregnant monitoring system allows us to implement a three-tier curation pregnant women taking into account the performance of the existing legal and regulatory aspects of the provision of obstetric care. A model of the structure of the monitoring system of obstetrics, automates the process of supervision of pregnant women at all levels of monitoring, automated processes for evaluating and monitoring perinatal risks.

    Authors: Volkov V. G. [1] Avanesyan O. A. [1] Kozina E. A. [1] Kopyrin. I. Y. [1]

    Tags: health information2 obstetric and gynecological care1 risk factors5 risk groups1 the monitoring system of obstetrics1

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  • Medical informational systems
  • On the Criteria for evaluating the level of function execution «maintenance of the electronic medical Records of patient».

    Describes the main stages of implementing electronic health records (EHR) of a patient in a medical facility and corresponding models of access and organization of primary medicaling documents of different categories of health workers. Reviewed the indicators and criteria used to assess the level of implementation of EHR.

    Authors: Stolbov. A. P. [6]

    Tags: criteria for level of use1 electronic health record5 evaluation of implementation1 medical information systems9

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  • Medical decision support systems
  • Expert systems in the prediction of operational risk for the most common surgical interventions (review).

    The review is focused on the applications of medical expert systems in abdominal surgery. Reviewed and described existing models of decision support systems for medical decisions in patients with such common diseases as acute pancreatitis, acute cholecystitis, complicated peptic ulcer disease. The authors conducted a comparative analysis of modern expert systems and described the basic principles of their construction

    Authors: Bogdanovа Y. A. [1] Zaripova G. R. [1] Kataev V. A. [1] O. V Galimov. [1]

    Tags: acute pancreatitis1 artificial neural networks2 expert systems3 peritonitis1

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  • Telemedicine
  • Integrated telemedicine technologies for support and care patients. Worldwide trends, the results of research about informatization, technological solutions for doctors based on service ONDO.

    This article analyzes mobile and telemedicine as an example of recent researches. Next – survey results from the company ONDOC: doctors – about remote consultation and diagnosis, the heads – about mobile medicine and informatization. Next – the idea about combination of mobile and electronic health. It helps in monitoring and sup- porting the patients. Author described the opportunities of complexity: the communication «doctor-patient» and clinics in ONDOC project. In conclusion – a summary about the eHealth-industry in between stage. This stage means that it carries a new approach: a complete personalization of treatment and responsibility.

    Authors: Ya. Yu. Kubrick. [1]

    Tags: ehealth3 ehr1 informatization2 medical information system20 mobile medicine1 personalized medicine2 research1 telemedicine17 videochat1 wearable electronics1

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  • Special opinion
  • About telemedicine «patient to Doctor».

    Throughout 2016, the legislative initiatives on inclusion of telemedicine into everyday medical practice were actively discussed. During the discussion, besides the classic telemedicine segment «doctor-doctor», telemedicine segment «patient-doctor» was highlighted, it is a new direction, hardly described in the literature. This area covers a wide range of issues, associated with remote human interaction with the health system (including the Internet, medical gadgets, personal monitors and others). In the article, there was an attempt of the holistic description of telemedicine segment «patient-doctor» with an emphasis on the most popular technologies, as well as their technological and organizational features that allow for the integration of remote interaction with the patient in a overall information space of healthcare.

    Authors: Zingerman B. V. [1] Shklovsky-Kordi N. E. [1] Vorobiev. A. I. [1]

    Tags: electronic document management2 legislative control1 personal health record (phr)1 remote monitoring3 telemedicine17

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  • Actual normative document.
  • Actual normative document

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