Regional informatizatian projects
  • 2019 № 3 Continuous electronic monitoring movement of drugs from the manufacturer to the end user

    The paper describes the approaches and methods, used in the experiment on the implementation of the Federal state
    system for electronic monitoring the movement of drugs on the basis of a large region (Novosibirsk region), the regulatory framework,the analysis of the results of the experiment. The features of the process of implementation of the results are formulated and generalized, conclusions about the current efficiency of the experiment and measures to improve it are made.

    Authors: Tezina N. N. [1]

    Tags: automation of pharmacies1 drugs1 labeling1 medical information systems9 monitoring of drugs1

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  • 2018 № 4 Government software procurement and health information services in 2013–2017

    The analysis of government procurement of information on health, as well as implementation services and technical support for the period 2013–2017. The analysis is based on data from monitoring sites state. procurement, which were conducted under the Federal Law No 44-FZ of 05.04.2013. The paper presents the main statistical indicators of competitive procedures, information about the winners of competitions and auctions

    Authors: Gusev A. V. [8]

    Tags: egisz1 medical information systems9 regional health informatization1

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  • Medical informational systems
  • 2016 № 3 About the definition of the classes of potential risk of medical software

    Describes the Nomenclature classification of medical devices (MD). Lists the problems related to the inclusion of software in the nomenclature of the types of MD. Proposed criteria for Software as a Medical Device (SaMD). The proposed classification of SaMD based on potential risk to the health of the patient. Describes the rules for identifying these risks and determining the risk class for SaMD.

    Authors: Stolbov. A. P. [6]

    Tags: medical device1 medical information systems9 risks of the use of software in medicine1 software2 software as a medical device2

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  • 2015 № 1 The prospects of the application and improvement of the personal record-keeping in the process of medical care conduction of persons involved in the health care in medical information systems.

    It was carried out an analysis of the current state of the procedure of personal record-keeping in the process of medical care conduction of persons involved in the health care and its impact on the public health system. There were substantiated and formulated some proposals to improve it as well as prospects of application in medical information systems.

    Authors: Rusev I. T. [1] Efremova A. A. [2] Efremov. A. A. [2]

    Tags: electronic personal medical record1 electronic signature1 medical information systems9 personal record-keeping1 public health system1

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  • 2017 № 1 On the Criteria for evaluating the level of function execution «maintenance of the electronic medical Records of patient».

    Describes the main stages of implementing electronic health records (EHR) of a patient in a medical facility and corresponding models of access and organization of primary medicaling documents of different categories of health workers. Reviewed the indicators and criteria used to assess the level of implementation of EHR.

    Authors: Stolbov. A. P. [6]

    Tags: criteria for level of use1 electronic health record5 evaluation of implementation1 medical information systems9

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  • Medical information systems
  • 2017 № 4 De facto standard of care

    The Article considers the methodological problem of determining de facto standard of care. Indicated on the place de facto standards in the problem of quality control and optimization of the diagnostic and treatment process. The article is guidelines for the development and use of de facto standard of care.

    Authors: Guliev Y. I. [20] Malykh V. L. [3] Jurchenko S. G. [1]

    Tags: a mathematical model of the diagnostic and treatment process1 medical information systems9 standards of medical aids1

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  • 2018 № 2 Prospects for the further development of the medical statistics service through the transition to management based on data

    In the article the problems of the system of collection of state statistical reporting existing in Russia and the consequences to which they result are analyzed. A review of literature and publications in the media and the blogosphere is provided, which reveal the existing shortcomings of medical statistics.
    The gradual development of health management based on data with the refusal to use statistical reports is proposed. The key idea is a gradual refusal to apply the existing forms of state statistical reporting. Instead, it is necessary to create and consistently develop a system of support for management decision­making in the health sector, presented as one of the federal components of the EGIS. Ultimately, such a system should completely replace state statistical reporting approved by the orders of Rosstat, Ministry of Health, FFOMS and other executive authorities, including regional government bodies, as well as numerous disparate “monitoring”, “registers” and other federal management systems available in present time. The established single federal service EGISP should accumulate in itself all the formalized primary data, primarily depersonalized, from other components of the EGISP, such as medical information systems of medical organizations (MIS MO), regional services and EHISM systems, information systems of the TFOMS and etc.

    Authors: Gusev A. V. [8]

    Tags: data management2 egis1 management decision support systems1 medical information systems9 medical statistics5 spprs1

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  • 2018 № 3 The creation of an electronic health system positions

    The authors offer proven methods and approaches that can be useful in the implementation of the state project “E-health”. Suggestions based on knowledge and accumulated years of experience in the design, implementation, operation and scientific informational support of healthcare management at the level of major industrial city ACS “Gorzdrav”, for over a thirty year period. The authors emphasize the global nature of the project to create e-health systems, bringing together all the stakeholders and participants of the sphere of health protection. This can be implemented using a systematic approach and the preparation of the relevant design and estimate documentation, taking into account the existing standards approved at the Federal level

    Authors: Chechenin G. I. [2] Zhilina N. M. [1] Yakusheva O. N. [1]

    Tags: continuity and efficiency1 design1 health protection system1 medical information systems9 system approach1 target installations1

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  • Medical decision support systems
  • 2017 № 2 Clinical Decisions Support in medical information systems of a medical organization.

    In the article the review of various possibilities of support of acceptance of medical decisions in medical information systems of the medical organizations is presented. The description of functional requirements and prospects in terms of increasing the effectiveness of medical information systems in the informatization of clinical work of doctors.

    Authors: Zarubina T. V. [5] Gusev A. V. [8]

    Tags: dss3 medical decisions support systems1 medical information systems9

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