Regional informatizatian projects
  • 2017 № 1 Development of functional tasks and structure of the regional information system for monitoring obstetric Tula region.

    Annotation. This paper proposes a way to automate the monitoring of pregnant Tula region taking into account the peculiarities of the organization of obstetric care in the region. Designed for automated functional tasks pregnant monitoring system allows us to implement a three-tier curation pregnant women taking into account the performance of the existing legal and regulatory aspects of the provision of obstetric care. A model of the structure of the monitoring system of obstetrics, automates the process of supervision of pregnant women at all levels of monitoring, automated processes for evaluating and monitoring perinatal risks.

    Authors: Volkov V. G. [1] Avanesyan O. A. [1] Kozina E. A. [1] Kopyrin. I. Y. [1]

    Tags: health information2 obstetric and gynecological care1 risk factors5 risk groups1 the monitoring system of obstetrics1

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