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    Medical science
  • 2016 № 9 History of the development of breakthrough biomedical areas: lessons for Russia

    On the example of development of technologies of reprogramming to obtain induced pluripotent stem cells estimated timelines for the transformation of the results of breakthrough fundamental research into commercial high-tech product in Japan, USA and Russia. The conclusion is that a key role in accelerating the life cycle of research and development play a growing high-tech companies and large industrial companies interested in diversifying their business strategies. It is stated a critical lag of the development of life cycle studies in this field in Russia and investigates its causes.

    Authors: Kurakova N. G. [15] Tsvetkova L. А. [10]

    Tags: acceleration1 deceleration1 duration2 factors4 induced pluripotent stem cells1 japan2 life cycle2 research and development2 russia8 technologies for reprogramming cells1 usa2

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  • International experience
  • 2013 № 7 Analysis of international experience of funding and managing research and development in healthcare (Federal Research Institute for Health Care Organization and Information of the Ministry of Health of Russian Federation, Moscow, Russia; Research center of neurology Russian academy of medical science, Moscow, Russia; Research-Practical Center of Medical Radiology, Moscow Department of Health care, Moscow, Russia)

    Healthcare in developed countries becomes the most productive and cited field of the world science. However little is known about innovative processes in the non-market oriented areas including medicine. This article deals with funding and managing research and development in medicine in foreign countries. The authors show that innovations in healthcare are the major focus of interest of foreign governments seeking for balance between cost-containment, quality and access to health care. Healthcare innovations assessment is necessarily accompanied with the expert evaluation of efficacy and safety of health technologies delivered by designated institutions. International policy analysis confirms that the search for the most effective management in organization and funding of healthcare research is of high priority in the world.

    Authors: Perkhov V. I. [20] Stebunova R. V. [1] Yankevich D. S. [3] Yurkin Y. Y. [1]

    Tags: healthcare12 innovations2 research and development2

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