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    Personnel management
  • 2022 № 10 The urgency of implementation of the refence center approach in pathology practice

    The project to establish the reference center for addressing scientific-practice, organizational and methodological challenges of immunohistochemical, pathomorphological and molecular genetic laboratories and centers of data analysis and interpretation of radiological methods started in 2020 within the Department of fundamental pathology of Endocrinology research center. The present review focuses on the prospects of a concept of reference center with an emphasis on the current state of Russian pathology service.

    Authors: Urusova L. S. [1] Porubayeva E. E. [1] Mel’nichenko G. A. [1] Mokrysheva N. G. [1]

    Tags: problems of russian pathology service1 reference approach1 reference center2

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  • Management in healthcare
  • 2019 № 8 Reference center of radiology: justification and concept

    The situation in radiology (intensive growth of infrastructure against the background of organizational, methodical
    and managerial problems) requires a new system approach to organization and management. The concept of radiology
    reference center as a structure in the health care system is supposed to provide remote assessment, interpretation, description and control of radiological studies performed in medical centers of all forms of ownership, with the use of telemedicine technologies. The reference center should simultaneously solve organizational, methodological, therapeutic, diagnostic, educational problems, information and coordination tasks and scientific issues. The concept is based on systematized results of publications and own successful experience of creation and effective functioning of the reference center on the basis of the State Funded Healthcare Institution of Moscow “Research and Practical Clinical Center of Diagnostics and Telemedicine Technologies, Department of Health Care of Moscow”. Basing on the concept, it is necessary to keep developing the scientific and practical aspects of normative, legal and methodological support of the activities of radiology reference centers.

    Authors: Morozov S. P. [1] Vladzymyrskyy A. V. [3] Vetsheva N. N. [1] Ledikhova N. V. [1] Ryzhov S. A. [1]

    Tags: information technologies3 management14 radiology3 reference center2 roentgenology1 telemedicine10

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