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    Management in health care
  • 2013 № 3 Fundholding: overview in a quarter of century (Samara State Medical University, Russia; TFOMS Ryazan region, Russia)

    Reforming the system of mandatory medical assurance in Russia is impossible without implementing modern methods of medical services expenses coverage. Herewith it is important to consider all positive and negative aspects of various methods with regards of concrete situation examples. In the article there is investigated the introduction of per capita funding with elements of fundholding in Samara region together with the analysis of existing risks from the historic angle.

    Authors: Geht I. A. [17] Artemieva G. B. [12]

    Tags: fundholding1 per capita funding2

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  • 2013 № 11 Effective ways to pay for health care of the government guarantee program (Federal Public Health Institute for Health Care Organization and Information of the Ministry of Public Health of Russian Federation, Moscow, Russia)

    Annotation: The question which discussed in this article are evidence-based selection impeding effective ways to pay for health care provided by health care organizations within the regional programs of state guarantees of free medical care under different conditions of its provision. Recommendations on the use of existing materials for development of a methodology for calculating tariffs on effective methods of payment for medical care, resultoriented activities of the medical organization are given.

    Authors: Kadyrov F. N. [108] Obuhova O. V. [5]

    Tags: effective ways to pay for medical care1 pay per patient treated1 per capita funding2 treatment2

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