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    Human resources management
  • 2015 № 1 Intelligent tutoring systems as an element of the system designed to improve medical care quality

    Problem of quality of medical care is the subject of this article. Application of the intelligent teaching systems is proposed as one of the elements of comprehensive approach to the improvement of healthcare quality. Examples of effective application of intelligent teaching systems in medicine are given.

    Authors: Kupeeva I. A. [7] Ravodin R. A. [1] Efremov A. A. [3]

    Tags: dermatovenerology1 distance learning2 intelligent systems1 medicine2 support systems clinical decision1

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  • Focus of problem
  • 2022 № 2 Advanced training of doctors: the main tasks today and what to do

    The article presents and analyzes the main challenges that directly affect today both the qualifications of doctors and the work on the implementation of professional development programs. The author attributed the following to such challenges: the pandemic of coronavirus infection; the implementation of advanced training programs for doctors with the exclusive or preferential use of distance educational technologies; a decrease in the quality of implementation of advanced training programs for doctors; long breaks in the professional activities of doctors in the main specialty; periodic accreditation of doctors. The article proposes to focus on the development of exemplary professional development programs for doctors, taking into account the requirements of professional standards. It is necessary to ensure that the programs for improving the qualifications of doctors who develop and implement educational organizations strictly comply with the sample programs.

    Authors: Piven D. V. [52]

    Tags: advanced training of doctors1 distance learning2 licensing of educational activities1 periodic accreditation2 programs of additional professional education1

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