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    Management in health care

    A large amount of data is currently appearing in the information systems of medical organizations, which requires a revision of those industrial relations that exist in the practice of health care institutions.
    T h e p u r p o s e o f t h e s t u d y is to study the possibilities of mathematical methods using the concept of “an object with estimates in a certain state” to solve management problems that are in the practice of medical organizations.
    R e s u l t s . The authors use the term “production process”, which is not typical for the classical description of the activities of a medical organization. This is due to the fact that the approaches to solving management problems available in a medical organization are valid not only for medical and diagnostic work, but also for other household work. New approaches to solving the existing management problems of a medical organization consist in the fact that the description of the solution to the control problem is made in the form of some algorithm, which can then be implemented in some programming language. The digitization of production processes leads to the need for their formalized description in the language of mathematics, as well as the widespread use of mathematical methods, on the basis of which algorithms for solving control problems are built. Markov chains make it possible to find general patterns in the behavior of control objects within the framework of the problem being solved, which can be used to construct a tree giving a detailed description of the behavior of each control object. Further, the method of oriented
    trees with estimates is applied, which provides information for writing job descriptions for employees of the Ministry of Defense, on the basis of which the management problem will be more optimally solved. It is necessary to highlight four features of the method of oriented trees with estimates: it allows to give a detailed analysis of the sequence of transitions of each object for the selected states; in the presence of a large number of analyzed objects, the resulting tree is difficult to analyze; you can rebuild the branches of the tree; in the course of building a tree, it is possible to change a set of states without changing the obtained chronological sequences of states of each control object in the initial data. Oriented trees with estimates can be used to simulate the production process, which is based on the possibility of simultaneously changing both quantitative and qualitative characteristics of the tree.
    The article presents two options for modeling using changes in the qualitative characteristics of the tree.
    F i n d i n g s . The introduction of digitalization in healthcare requires a different approach to solving management problems, which should be carried out with extensive use of mathematical methods at the stages of analysis and modeling. The work on the use of mathematical methods in solving management problems should be organized by regional medical information and analytical centers.
    It is necessary to carry out work on the formalization of production processes, the creation and storage of algorithms for solving control problems. Promising methods that allow solving most of the management problems available in the practice of medical organizations are the methods of Markov chains with estimates, branching processes with estimates and oriented trees with estimates.

    Authors: Choloyan S. B. [11] Ekimov A. K. [10] Baigazina E. N. [3] Molodtsov N. S. [3] Kalinina E. A. [3] Posnov A. A. [3]

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  • Information management
  • 2022 № 3 Possible approaches to the implementation of technological solutions in unified electronic healthcare EAEU member states

    In the article, the authors analyze the technical possibility of forming a unified supranational system of electronic interaction in the field of healthcare of the EAEU member states. The authors identify individual and common problems, propose to use a decentralized approach (blockchain), as well as Ethereum distributed registry technologies in order to develop a technical solution for the exchange of medical information by the EAEU member countries.

    Authors: Akulin I. M. [6] Chesnokova E. A. [5] Svirkin M. V. [2] Presnyakov R. A. [5] Guryanova N. E. [6] Balykina Yu. E. [1]

    Tags: digitalization of healthcare2 e-healthcare1 electronic medical record of the patient1 informatization of the eaeu1 legal problems of e-healthcare1

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