Manager Zdravoochranenia 2013 #4

Published: 2013-04-04



    Management in healthcare
  • Ensuring the rights of the patient and the need to develop a medical organization necessary internal regulatory documents (Sankt-Peterburg, Irkutsk, Russia)

    The questions related to patients' rights in health care. Detail the mechanisms to ensure patients' rights to information about their rights and responsibilities, their health status. The authors emphasize that the rights of the patient in health care is impossible without a clear regulation of this work relevant internal documents of the medical organization. Specific recommendations on the content of these documents.

    Authors: Piven D. V. [53] Kitsul I. S. [53]

    Tags: patient information2 patient rights3 quality of medical care19 regulatory documents1

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  • Self-regulation in the health care sphere (Penza State University, Penza, Russia)

    In the article prospects of transition of the sphere of health care on self-regulation principles are considered. The principle of a professional autonomy of the doctor is analyzed. Distinctions in the maintenance of some models of reform of public administration in the medicine sphere are carried out.

    Authors: Romanovskaya O. V. [6]

    Tags: administrative reform1 deregulation1 health care24 professional autonomy1 self-regulation1

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  • Legal right
  • he patient's right to pain relief (Penza State University, Penza, Russia)

    In the article the right of the patient to pain relief is considered. The maintenance of availability of anesthesia is defined. The statistics of use of anesthetizing preparations is analyzed. Recommendations of World Health Organization about providing and availability of anesthetics in the light of anti-narcotic policy are provided.

    Authors: Romanovskiy G. B. T [1]

    Tags: anesthesia2 anti-narcotic policy1 availability3 pain1 rights of the patient1

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  • Informatization of healthcare
  • Assessing the economic efficiency in healthcare information systems (Ailamazyan Program system institute of RAS, Pereslavl-Zalessky, Russia)

    This article describes methods of assessing the economic efficiency of informatization project in medical institution. The described methods take into consideration costs and benefits of a medical institution. The results of assessing the investment projects in some clinics of different type are considered in this article.

    Authors: Guliev Y. I. [2] Gulieva I. F. [1] Ryumina E. V. [1] Malykh V. L. [1] Vogt O. A. [1] Tavlybaev E. F. [1] Vakhrina A. Y. [1]

    Tags: economic efficiency7 healthcare information systems2 information technologies3 methods of assessing1

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  • Interesting document
  • Methods of payment for medical care in the frames of state guarantees program on the basis of group diseases, including group of clinic-statistic diseases (CSD). Recommendations. Part 2.

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  • Special opinion
  • Quality of medical care — the weakest element in mandatory medical insurance policy system? A.A. Starchenko

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  • Manager of healthcare consults
  • New form of labor contract in the process of implementing efficiency contract Consultant: Phd. of Economic F.N. Kadyrov

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  • Questions and answers
  • Questions answered by PhD. of Economic F.N. Kadyrov

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  • Feedback
  • Review on an article dedicated to the questions of creating systems of quality control and security of medical operations Security of medical operations: it is essential to have legislative regulation! Article's review. A.A. Strachenko

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  • Innovations in medicine
  • New era of innovations in medicine is coming

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  • Focus of the problem
  • Regarding the set of regulations on delivery of medical goods for state and municipal needs

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  • Bulletins of world health organization
  • The health state of migrants

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  • Review of actual normative documents
  • Review of actual normative documents

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