Information technologies for the Physician 2018 #3

Published: 2018-03-19



    Regional projects of informatization
  • Improvement of screening method for the identification of alcohol neg- ative effect risk with information technologies and mathematical modeling

    Screening uses for preliminary light examination of large groups of people. Main practical example consid- ered in this paper is identification of risk for negative effects of drinking alcohol. We have analyzed several screening tests which are wide represented in the literature and used in practice: AUDIT, BAST, PAT, MAST and CAGE. Especially AUDIT had been investigated. A comparative analysis using the fuzzy sets approach was done. It has allowed to take into account the degree of consistency of responses, to increase the objectivity of the results and flexibility in design of a new test when there is small volume of real data. Accuracy of validity and the barrier value verification for the developed test are increased too.

    Authors: Evelson L. I. [1] Dubovoy I. I. [2] Borisova E. P. [1]

    Tags: alcohol1 automatization1 data analysis1 fuzzy sets1 risk1 screening-test1

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  • Medical information systems
  • The creation of an electronic health system positions

    The authors offer proven methods and approaches that can be useful in the implementation of the state project “E-health”. Suggestions based on knowledge and accumulated years of experience in the design, implementation, operation and scientific informational support of healthcare management at the level of major industrial city ACS “Gorzdrav”, for over a thirty year period. The authors emphasize the global nature of the project to create e-health systems, bringing together all the stakeholders and participants of the sphere of health protection. This can be implemented using a systematic approach and the preparation of the relevant design and estimate documentation, taking into account the existing standards approved at the Federal level

    Authors: Chechenin G. I. [2] Zhilina N. M. [1] Yakusheva O. N. [1]

    Tags: continuity and efficiency1 design1 health protection system1 medical information systems9 system approach1 target installations1

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  • Automation of the medical supply system. Database of medicinal means of a multi-disciplinary medical organization

    The modern period of development of public health services differs by wide introduction of information technologies in administrative and clinical practice. The implementation of activities in the era of rapid digitalization, the high intensity of work in conditions of multi-channel financing, increasing competition and the difficult situation with tariff policy within the framework of territorial programs of state guarantees, accompanied by accelerating the pace of changes in the regulation of economic processes, raise new, higher requirements for the level of management systems of medical organizations and their respective automation.
    The results of the analysis of the key supporting processes of medical organizations, such as drug supply, reflect the general dissatisfaction with the current and outdated drug delivery management system, its low ability to respond promptly to external and internal challenges. The professional community clearly needs to find and develop innovative approaches to improving the drug supply system of a medical organization using automated control systems.
    Within the framework of this article practical approaches to the automated management of information flows related to the movement of medicines in the process of resource provision of a multi-profile medical organization are described on the example of the federal state budgetary institution “National Pirogov Medical Surgical Center”of the Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation (hereinafter Pirogov Center).

    Authors: Karpov O. E. [4] Nikitenko D. N. [2]

    Tags: automated control system1 formular system1 medical means1 medicinal provision1 medicines1 reference book of medicinal drugs1

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  • Artificial intelligence in health care
  • The basic recommendations for the creation and development of information systems in health care based on artificial intelligence

    Artificial intelligence is becoming one of the main drivers in solving serious problems of medicine and health, such as inadequate resources, further improving efficiency, quality and speed of work. All over the world, more and more solutions are being developed in this area. However, the more new products appear, the more questions and problems arise.
    The work analyzes some foreign publications and research results, which studied the main problems associated with the creation and implementation of artificial intelligence in health care. As a result of the analysis, a number of practical recommendations were formulated that will help increase the likelihood of successful creation and introduction of such products in the practical link of health.

    Authors: Gusev A. V. [8] Pliss M. A. [2]

    Tags: artificial intelligence10 healthcare8 machine learning7 medicine7 neural networks9

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  • Diagnostic systems
  • Development of the approach for improvements method of active circles

    An approach is developed for improving the method of active contours for isolating the contour of the object under study on a raster image. This approach consists in the initial use of the morphological method of active contours for the correct construction of 2D models of bone systems on raster images, and then in the refinement of the obtained model using the algorithm proposed in this paper. For the correct isolation of the Th6 vertebrae cones in the framework of the morphological method of active contours, the optimal numerical values of parameters were selected using numerical experiments.

    Authors: Kolesnikova A. S. [1] Bessonov L. V. [1] Luneva A. D. [1] Dmitriev P. O. [1] Matershev I. V. [1] Kurchatkin A. A. [1] Zolotov V. S. [1] Sidoren- ko D. A. [1] Chuvashkin V. K. [1] Varyukhin A. A. [1] Gushchina S. G. [1]

    Tags: bone systems1 method of active contours1 numerical values of parameters1 tomograms1

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  • Mathematical modeling
  • Simulation modeling of the emergency area in a multidisciplinary emergency department

    Actual problems of Emergency Department’s admission point organization and its investigation with simulation modeling were considered in paper.

    Authors: Maksimov A. I. [1] Molodov V. A. [1] Kurilin B. L. [1] Kislukhina E. V. [1] Vasiljev V. A. [1] Karasev N. A. [1]

    Tags: emergency department’s admission point1 emergency medicine1 health services organization & administration1 information technologies in medicine1 simulation modeling1

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  • Construction of fuzzy inference rules for diagnostics of instability of atherosclerostic plaque

    The problem of forming fuzzy inference rules based on methods for partitioning quantitative feature values describing a class objects into disjoint intervals is considered. The methodology of using these rules for the diagnosis of atherosclerotic plaque instability is described

    Authors: Madrakhimov Sh. F. [1] Rozikhodjaeva G. A. [1]

    Tags: domination intervals1 fuzzy rules inference1 hidden regularities1 unstable atherosclerotic plaque1

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