Regional projects of informatization
  • 2018 № 3 Improvement of screening method for the identification of alcohol neg- ative effect risk with information technologies and mathematical modeling

    Screening uses for preliminary light examination of large groups of people. Main practical example consid- ered in this paper is identification of risk for negative effects of drinking alcohol. We have analyzed several screening tests which are wide represented in the literature and used in practice: AUDIT, BAST, PAT, MAST and CAGE. Especially AUDIT had been investigated. A comparative analysis using the fuzzy sets approach was done. It has allowed to take into account the degree of consistency of responses, to increase the objectivity of the results and flexibility in design of a new test when there is small volume of real data. Accuracy of validity and the barrier value verification for the developed test are increased too.

    Authors: Evelson L. I. [1] Dubovoy I. I. [2] Borisova E. P. [1]

    Tags: alcohol1 automatization1 data analysis1 fuzzy sets1 risk1 screening-test1

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