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    Personnel management
  • 2017 № 6 Working time of doctors-specialists related to visiting one patient with doctor-physician, doctor-surgeon and doctor-dermatovenerologist

    In accordance with paragraph 3 of the Rules for the development and approval of standard labor standards approved by the Government of the Russian Federation on November 11, 2002 No. 804 (Collected Legislation of the Russian Federation, 2002, No. 46, Article 4583) and paragraph 19 of the action plan (“road Card“)” Changes in social sectors aimed at improving the effectiveness of healthcare “approved by the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 2599-r of December 28, 2012 (Collected Legislation of the Russian Federation, 2013, No. 2, Article 130, No. 45, Articles 5863, 2014, No. 19, Item 2468), in 2016 photo-timing observations of the working process of phthisiatricians, doctors-surgeons and doctors-dermatovenerologists were conducted. The work was conducted in accordance with the methodology of conducting photo-timing studies within ten working days for two physicians in each specialty. The results of the research showed the need to develop new normative documents on setting the time limits for visiting one-patient TB doctors, surgeons and dermatovenereologists who provide primary care in outpatient settings (not providing 24-hour medical supervision and treatment).

    Authors: Son I. M. [38] Ivanova M. A. [12] Starodubov V. I. [34] Armashevskaya O. V. [4] Liutsko V. V. [4] Tsybikova E. B. [1] Sokolovskaya T. A. 1 [1] Tyulkina E. A. [2]

    Tags: medical specialists1 new normative documents1 photo-timing observation1 time norms2

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  • Manager of healthcare consults
  • 2018 № 9 Recommendations for the selection of labor norms for employees of different medical organizations units

    With sufficient development of the regulatory framework, methodological issues of labor regulation at the level of medical organizations are clearly not covered enough. The final result of the regulation of labor is the establishment of labor standards. However, due to the variety of existing labor standards, the complexity of their calculation, etc., one of the most urgent is the question of what labor standards should be established for employees of specific departments holding specific positions. Although the regulation of labor is a serious large-scale work, in the arsenal of medical organizations, there are many methods that are not as costly as, for example, timing. However, the implementation of these methods requires their correct design and application. This publication is devoted to these issues

    Authors: Kadyrov F. N. [110]

    Tags: labor regulation2 labor standards4 load norms1 quantity norms1 service norms1 standard norms1 time norms2

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