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  • 2016 № 3 New requirements to remuneration pay of executives in State and Municipal organisations (institutions)

    The Russian Ministry of Labour prepared a legislation bill on changing requirements for remuneration pay of executives of main types of state (municipal) organisations. Suggested changes in the labour legislation are essentially directed towards withholding remuneration and pay-outs to executives of state (municipal) organisations and institutions. They do not contain any principally new statements; however, toughen control over remuneration payouts to not only executives, but deputies, and chief finance officers (accountant). These measures are relevant to a whole plethora of other organisational-legal forms of state and municipal organisations, including state corporations, which paid their executives salaries that have raised a lot of questions among the public for a long time.

    Authors: Kadyrov F. N. [122]

    Tags: criteria for activity evaluation1 effective contract13 executives pay1 incentive system2 labour legislation3 remuneration pay1 state (municipal) healthcare organisations1

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