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    Medical science
  • 2017 № 5 Place of clinical medicine in the disciplinary structure of Russian science

    The article Considers the disciplinary structure of science in the world and Russia It is shown that the share of publications on clinical medicine accounted for 26% of the total number of publications indexed in 2015 in the Web of Science database, and 35.3% of publications indexed in Scopus for 2011–2015, the conclusion about the growing importance of clinical medicine in global science. It is noted that the RF power developed in the last century, and not changing the quota system of public sector support for civil science, for research of medical subjects, is no more than 3.2% of domestic expenditure on research and development by socio-economic objectives. It is projected that the underfunding of medical science in Russia will not allow to achieve a substantial increase scientometric indicators reflecting the efficiency and productivity of Russian science in General.

    Authors: Starodubov V. I. [36] Kurakova N. G. [15]

    Tags: clinical medicine2 disciplinary structure2 medical research funding1 science1 scientometric indicators2 world science2

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  • 2020 № 7 Medical rehabilitation: the state of the domestic flow

    The purpose of the work is to assess the state of flow of Russian scientific publications on medical rehabilitation
    in high-rating international databases. The growth of publications of Russian researchers in the database “Web of Science”
    by 68%, in the database “Scopus” – 86%, while the growth of the world publication flow was 43% and 40% respectively.
    A model of the forecast of the dates of Russia reaching the 5th place in databases is presented. The reasons and problems
    of the low level of Russian publication scientific flow have been identified and the necessary measures to eliminate them
    have been identified.

    Authors: Ivanova N. V. [2] Ponomarenko G. N. [1] Sokurov A. V. [1] Smirnova L. M. [1] Serebryak T. V. [1] Ermolenko T. V. [1]

    Tags: publication flow1 rehabilitation5 scientometric indicators2

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