Medical science
  • 2018 № 6 The Development of post-genomic technologies in the Russian Federation: barriers and risks

    The risks of implementation of the complex scientific and technological program “Postgenomic technolo¬gies: from genetic editing to synthetic biology” in the Russian Federation are Considered. As barriers for the full life cycle projects related to genomic editing technologies, the following are highlighted: lack of a sufficient number of personnel, low competitiveness of domestic scientific and technological reserves, lack of modern instrument base, lack of industrial partners, as well as problems of legal regulation of genetic engineering in the Russian Federation. The analysis of the global competitive landscape in the field of genomic editing technologies is carried out

    Authors: Kurakova N. G. [15] Tsvetkova L. А. [10] Petrov А. N. [2]

    Tags: barriers1 competitive landscape1 complex scientific and technological program1 genomic editing1 implementation2 risks2 russian federation3

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  • Medical informational systems
  • 2015 № 10 Biomedicine priorities in the focus of the practical assessment of the prospects applications (Federal Research)

    Using genome-sequencing as an example there are analysed risks when choosing priorities for science and technologies development in Russia, based only on the analysis of trends in development of global biomedicine, but not factoring resource provision of the direction. It is demonstrated that in today’s Russia there is a lack of sufficient numbers of competent doctors-genetics. The volume of core courses in medical universities (36 hours) in Russian Federation is inadequate to the intensity of the development of this direction and growth in numbers of genetic diseases. Modern domestic park of sequenators is represented by the equipment of early generation, using which prevents it to meet the world standards of research in the area of genome medicine. In practice the technology of genome sequencing is not widely used in the health care due to high costs of the diagnostics procedures. There is a conclusion drawn about unviability of choice as a priority direction of development, which doesn’t have the personnel and instrumental provision as well as demand in the real sector of economy.

    Authors: Kurakova N. G. [15] Tsvetkova L. А. [10] Cherchenko О. А. [1]

    Tags: choice1 instrumentation1 keyworsd priority areas for development in science and technology1 personnel staffing1 risks2 russia8 technologies of genomewide sequencing1

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