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    Information management
  • 2020 № 7 Possibility of transboundary transfer of health-personal

    In the article, the authors analyze the possibility of cross-border transfer of personal data related to health, separately considering
    the possibility of such a transfer within the EAEU. The authors pay special attention to the analysis of the correlation of the concepts of medical confidentiality and personal data related to the state of health, the peculiarities of regulating the cross-border transfer of this information according to Russian legislation, as well as the consideration of the Unified State Information System in the field of health care created in the Russian Federation (hereinafter – the Unified State Health Insurance System, a unified system). The authors also consider the possibility of using a single system for cross-border data transfer, indicate the main risks of such use, and also determine the set of necessary additions for Russian legislation in order to use the EGISP in cross-border data transfer. Separately, the authors analyze the possibility of transferring personal data related to the state of health in the framework of the Eurasian Economic Union, which is often discussed within the EAEU digital agenda. The authors analyzed the permissibility of such transfer under the EAEU as a whole, the proposals put forward in its support, namely the adoption of a separate agreement about the delivery of health care by participating countries of the EAEU any citizens of member States of the Union, the adoption of the act on transfer of personal data about the health of the citizens of the EAEU member States and the creation of a single digital platform for the provision of such transfer (including, subject to the establishment
    of safety requirements the transfer of such data and penalties for violation of these requirements), as well as the identification of
    specially authorized state bodies in each of the EAEU countries in order to ensure responsibility for the transfer of this category of data.

    Authors: Akulin I. M. [5] Chesnokova E. A. [5] Presnyakov R. A. [5] Guryanova N. E. [6] Letova A. D. [2]

    Tags: cross-border transfer of personal data1 eurasian economic union2 medical confidentiality1 personal data2 unified health information system1

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  • Focus of problem
  • 2017 № 7 The duty of medical organizations inform about the doctors: what is informing and how to organize it

    The article deals with the responsibility of medical organizations to provide information on doctors, their level of education and qualifications. Presented and substantiated list of specific information about doctors who have to post every medical organization on the official site in a network “the Internet”, as well as on the stands. The authors demonstrated that even if the doctor your consent to the placing of personal data (information about the doctor), which in accordance with legislation, obliged to submit medical organization, the placement of these data on its official site in a network “the Internet”, as well as on the stands should be continued. Stressed that the problem of placing medical organizations and maintaining up to date information about doctors, including their level of education and qualification, necessary water supply amount, and in strict accordance with the established requirements is one of the most important ways of ensuring and monitoring the quality and safety of medical activity

    Authors: Piven D. V. [50] Kitsul I. S. [50] Ivanov I. V. [25]

    Tags: certificate of accreditation1 graduate certificate1 information about the doctor1 level of education and qualifications1 medical organization48 medical organization site1 personal data2 the quality and safety of medical practice1

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