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  • 2023 № 7 New rules of paid medical services: is a medical organization required to have an official website.

    The Rules for the provision of paid medical services by medical organizations, approved by Government Decree No. 736 dated May 11, 2023, significantly expand the requirements that provide for an increase in the amount of information about the contractor and the paid medical services provided by him, which the medical provider must provide to the consumer. organization. Taking into account these requirements, the article considers in detail the question of whether medical organizations providing paid medical services are required to have their own official website. The authors substantiate that all medical organizations providing paid medical services, but not participating in the implementation of the State Guarantees Program, are required to post the information provided by law about themselves and about
    the paid medical services they provide on the Internet. At the same time, the specified information may be posted on the official website on the Internet and (or) in other information systems on the Internet. At the same time, all medical organizations providing paid medical services must take into account the risks associated with the use of information systems owned by foreign legal entities and citizens, the use of which is subject to the prohibitions established by Part 8 of Art. 10 of the Federal Law “On Information, Information Technologies and Information Protection”. One way to account for these risks is to create or develop your own official sites on the Internet.

    Authors: Piven D. V. [58] Kitsul I. S. [58] Ivanov I. V. [29]

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