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    Social aspects of health
  • 2018 № 5 Patients satisfaction evaluation in healthcare organization (ICDC experience)

    This article studies the experience of the ‘Interregional clinic and diagnostic center’ (ICDC) in the area of patients satisfaction level evaluation and the specific character of satisfaction evaluation in healthcare. The object: to find out frameworks in the patients satisfaction evaluation. Materials and methods: analysis of scientific literature, statistic data of the patients satisfaction evaluation and results of medical and economic activity of the ICDC. Results and conclusions: it was found out that the biggest amount of strong correlations have 4 components of survey on satisfaction evaluation: ‘Professionalism of doctor’, ‘Attitude of doctor’, ‘Appearance of doctor’ and ‘Results of surgi¬cal treatment’. The presence of big amount of strong correlations between these and others components allows us to draw a conclusion about systemic character of these components in the satisfaction structure. A significant effect of external subjective factors on the results of patient’s satisfaction evaluation was observed, such as politeness, tactfulness of doctor and nurse, their appearance. It was determined that the level of patients evaluation is associated with figures of economic activity of a healthcare institution. There is a strong positive correlation between them

    Authors: Kupriyanov R. V. [6] Zharkova E. V. [3] Khairullin R. N. [5]

    Tags: healthcare institutions1 nocebo1 patients' satisfaction2 placebo1

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  • Quality of medical aid
  • 2014 № 5 Assessment of reliability of patients' opinion about quality of inpatient care (Ministry of Health care of the Arkhangelsk region, Northern state medical university, Arkhangelsk, Russia)

    The problem of evaluation of patients' satisfaction with quality of healthcare is relevant in the process of modernization of national health care system. In order to assess the validity of patients' opinions about the quality of inpatient care 1960 patients aged 18 to 81 years were interviewed. Respondents' satisfaction with the quality of inpatient care is not affected with socio-demographic characteristics of respondents. Respondents' satisfaction is determined by effectiveness of the treatment and satisfaction with some components of the process of providing of inpatient care.

    Authors: Menshikova L. I. [4] Dyachkova M. G. [1] Mordovsky E. A. [1]

    Tags: inpatient medical care1 patients' satisfaction2

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