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    Marketing in health care
  • 2021 № 9 Independent assessment of the quality of medical care in a multidisciplinary hospital

    The assessment of the quality of the conditions for the provision of medical services from the patient’s point of view is an integral part of the management process of medical organizations within the framework of the implementation of the concept of patientoriented healthcare.
    The purpose of the study is to analyze the results of a patient survey as part of an independent assessment of the quality of medical care conditions in a round-the-clock hospital of a large multidisciplinary medical organization.
    M a t e r i a l s a n d m e t h o d s . As part of the independent assessment, the inpatient patients were surveyed using questionnaires approved by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation. A mathematical analysis of the results of the survey was carried out according to five criteria for assessing the quality of medical care conditions.
    R e s u l t s . The results of an independent quality assessment in the hospital allow us to assess the effectiveness of measures to ensure comfortable conditions for the patient’s stay and can be used in practical healthcare for organizing measures to eliminate defects and making strategically important decisions on the management of a medical organization.
    F i n d i n g s . The survey of patients allows not only to fulfill the requirements of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation on participation in an independent quality assessment, but also to identify “pain points” in the organization of medical care processes. The opinion of patients helps to focus attention on problematic areas in the activities of the Ministry of Health, which are often not noticed by the medical staff, gives an understanding of the effectiveness of innovations and reforms.

    Authors: Potylitsyn A. V. [3] Beniova S. N. [2] Lee M. V. [2] Kiku P. F. [1] Sabirova K. M. [1]

    Tags: hospital3 independent quality assessment3 patient satisfaction7 questionnaire survey3

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  • Management in healthcare
  • 2021 № 1 Experience in using the staff management structure in a redesigned infectious diseases hospital to provide medical care to patients with a new coronavirus infection

    The article presents the experience of using the staff management structure in the conditions of redesigning
    a multi-specialty hospital into an infectious hospital for providing medical care to patients with a new coronavirus infection. For example, one of the largest hospitals providing specialized medical care during coronavirus infection, proven effectiveness staff management structure as the most optimal for the purposes of redesigning and further use against the growing epidemic Covid‑19.

    Authors: Kitsul I. S. [59] Vechorko V. I. [1] Gumenyuk S. A. [1] Zhenina E. A. [1]

    Tags: hospital3 medical care13 medical organization53 new coronavirus infection2 redesigning1 staff management structure1

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  • Management in health care
  • 2017 № 2 Analysis of resourse utilization for laboratory diagnostics by Russia’s hospitals

    For evaluate the use of human and material resources for laboratory services was study the structure and expenses for laboratory diagnostics in 82 hospital institutions from eleven Russian regions. The data showed that the laboratories occupy 2.5% of hospital areas (median), they employed 4.2% of all employees, including 4.5% of hospital doctors. In the structure of total institutions costs \ laboratory costs account for 4.4% (1st quartile, 2.9%, the third – 6.4%). These costs are 93.7% for wages and the purchase of reagents and materials. The share of labor costs were twice as high as on the reagents and materials (62.9% and 28.7%, respectively). Median costs for community charges amounted to 1.9%, and equipment maintenance – 1.2%. As an additional task carried out a separate assessment of the resource costs of microbiological laboratories. In half of health facilities, these costs amounted to less than 1% of hospital expenditures, although ten of the thirty-nine – exceeded 1.8%. The median labor costs, reagents and materials amounted to 92.6%. For all laboratory expenditure in general, the predominant contribution here was added labor costs.

    Authors: Sveshchinskyn M. L [1] Zheleznyakova I. A. [1] Kukushkin V. I. [1] Semakova E. V. [1]

    Tags: cost structure1 costs2 hospital3 laboratory1 microbiology1

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