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    Organization of health care
  • 2014 № 10 Russian and regional parameters of activity of general practitioners (Federal Research Institute for Health Organization and Informatics of Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, Moscow, Russia)

    Annotation. The total number of general practitioner's visits within the studied period has increased in Russia and other federal regions, and in some states — significantly. There is noticed a trend of decrease in the number of preventative visits at home, relative share of visits among country side residents. There is a considerable increase in coefficient of double job holding against a general trend for decrease of practitioner's staffing. There is demonstrated a high demand in general practitioners, in their ability to provide first medical aid and high accessibility of their services to the public. Therefore, development of the institute of general practice should be considered as a perspective path for managing medical-sanitary aid.

    Authors: Ivanova M. A. [12] Starodubov V. I. [40] Sorokina U. A. [2] Bantyeva M. N. [4]

    Tags: general practitioner4 home visits1 job holding1 number of visits1 preventive visits1 staffing11 visits of villagers1

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  • Management in health care
  • 2014 № 7 Rules and law regulations for the labor of general practitioner in Russian Federation (Federal research institute for health organization and informatics of ministry of health of the Russian Federation, Moscow, Russia)

    The current regulatory framework in a grate measure ignores aspects of the labor of general practitioner, and does not ccorrespond modern requirements for primary health care. In consequence of that, possibility of a general practitioner, capable because of its approachability to the public and competence, cconsiderably attend both primary medical health care and emergency medical services, is used inefficiently. One of the main tools in solving this problem in the process of modernization of health care is the revision of regulations governing the labour of general practitioners and nurses with taking account of changed social conditions of society and the epidemiological situation, as well as a significant improvement of material and technical base of medical organizations and the new requirements to the organization of the diagnostic and treatment process.

    Authors: Son I. M. [39] Ivanova M. A. [12] Armashevskaya O. V. [4] Bantyeva M. N. [4]

    Tags: general practitioner4 law regulations1 medical help2 order2

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  • Hr management
  • 2022 № 6 Staffing of primary health care in the Russian Federation

    The Russian system of public health protection and primary health care as its component require reforming. Excessively narrow specialization of outpatient care loses the identity of the primary health care doctor as a «guardian of health». The state bears the financial burden associated with large investments in specialized medical care, which is much more expensive. It is required to reform district assistance in organizational and personnel support.
    Unfortunately, 30 years of reforming primary health care on the principle of general medical practice have not brought Russia closer to the formation of a new organizational and institutionally sustainable model of primary health care.
    P u r p o s e o f t h e s t u d y . Based on the analysis of the reported data on the availability of medical personnel in primary health care in the Russian Federation and its subjects and the content of the analysis of author’s studies, proposals were developed for reforming primary health care and general medical practices.
    M a t e r i a l s a n d m e t h o d s : content analysis, statistical, sociological, analytical, direct observation. The article used the results of the research work of the authors of the article, followed by content analysis and the development of proposals for reforming primary health care, district service and general education, in particular.
    R e s u l t s . The article provides an analysis of the provision of doctors, therapist and general practitioners in the Russian Federation in dynamics (2016–2020), a ranking of indicators of the provision of general practitioner in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation is carried out. The analysis showed that over the 5 years, the provision of district physicians increased slightly: general practitioner (from 0,63 to 0,72‰î), district therapist (from 2,98 to 3,21), in total, the provision of these specialists increased from 3,61 to 3,93‰ and their share (2020) amounted to 8,6% of the total number of doctors in the Russian Federation, which determines the need to prioritize the reform of primary health care in the context of the development of general medical practice. Based on content analysis and our own research on the state of primary health care and the development of primary health care in the Russian Federation, proposals were developed for reforming primary health care and promising models of primary health care in the city were scientifically substantiated.
    F i n d i n g s . The introduction of promising general medical practice models in the urban environment implies a complete transition
    of the medical organization providing medical care on an outpatient basis to general medical practice, while reducing the staff positions of medical specialists. It is necessary to expand the job responsibilities of the general practitioner’s nurse with a ratio of general practitioner to general practitioner’s nurse of 1:2.
    It is necessary to develop regulatory, legal and managerial decisions regarding the priorities of primary health care and the development of general medical practice in its structure.

    Authors: Kalininskaya A. A. [15] Lazarev A. V. [6] Shlyafer S. I. [5] Balzamova L. A. [3]

    Tags: general medical practice1 general practitioner4 general practitioner’s nurse1 local therapist1 medical organization providing medical care on an outpatient basis – polyclinic1 primary health care19

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  • Focus of problem
  • 2020 № 6 Pregnant technologies in primary health care in rural doctor’s ambulatory

    The priority state project currently being implemented, “Creating a New Model of a Medical Organization Providing Primary Health Care,” is especially relevant for implementation in hard-to-reach areas. Since rural health care is character- ized by a shortage of personnel, a weak medical and diagnostic base, low material and technical equipment, a low level of development of information technologies, and a large territorial extent. Objective: to evaluate the effectiveness of the implementation of lean manufacturing technologies with the participation of nursing specialists in the work of a medical out- patient clinic. Materials and methods. To determine the directions for the implementation of lean manufacturing methods, a questionnaire was conducted among patients (n = 232). Mapping and visualization, as well as timing of the processes before and after the introduction of organizational measures in two areas of the medical ambulance clinic “Reception of healthy children” and “Reception of patients with acute disease and with exacerbation of chronic.” Results and discussions. In order to eliminate (minimize) the revealed losses, re-planning of the premises was carried out, the functions were redistributed and the working hours of the medical staff were structured, templates-forms of documentation were developed. Conclusion and conclusions. The introduction of organizational measures allowed us to significantly reduce the waiting time for admission of a healthy child on the day of the disease without additional financial costs, as well as to increase patient satisfaction.

    Authors: Pyreva E. V. [1] Noskova V.  A. [2] Pozdeeva T.  V. [4]

    Tags: a  medical outpatient clinic1 a  new  organizational  model1 elimination  of  losses1 general practitioner4 implementation effectiveness.1 lean  technologies1 medical care in hard-to-reach areas1 nursing  staff4 primary health care19

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