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    Management in health care
  • 2020 № 7 On the question of the organization of outpatient psychiatric care in the city of Moscow

    The article analyzes the organization and financing of psychiatric care in in-hospital conditions and hospital-replacing care for patients in the dispensary. The results of the study of the composition of patients on the basis of GBUZ “PB No. 13 DZM” for 2015–2017 years are given. The number of patients treated in a dispensary, a day hospital by nosological forms for the last period of time, the number of patients treated by gender were analyzed; considered age categories of patients, the structure of the professional status of patients. During the analyzed period, the main indicators of day hospital were investigated: the average duration of stay of patients, bed turnover, number of bed-days.

    Authors: Grishina N. K. [6] Belostotskiy A. V. [3] Zagoruychenko A. A. [8] Ter-Israelyan A. Yu. [1]

    Tags: compliance1 day hospital4 mental disorders2 paradigm2 psychiatric outpatient module1

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  • 2016 № 7 The activities of day hospitals in the Russian Federation in 2000–2014

    The article analyzes legal documents, which that regulate the work of day hospitals in the Russian Federation since the late 90-ies of XX century to the present. Presents an analysis of the performance of activities of day hospitals in health institutions providing medical care in ambulatory and stationary conditions in the country in 2000–2014. Marked increase in the number of beds in day hospitals 2,3 times, which is mainly due to the increase of beds in day hospitals in health institutions providing medical care in ambulatory conditions. Spend the evaluation of use of hospital beds hospitals for 15 years. During the study period the number of beds in hospitals has decreased by 27,7%, the number of discharged patients has almost not changed, which is associated with the intensity of the work beds. Shows the comparison of the number of persons treated in day hospitals and hospitals round-the-clock stay. The total number of patients treated in day hospitals and round hospitals, the proportion of patients treated at a convenience care hospitals declined from 92,5 to 80,3%, the proportion of patients treated in day hospitals increased from 7,5 to 19,7%.

    Authors: Son I. M. [41] Evdakov V. A. [6] Shlyafer S. I. [5] Senenko A. Sh. [7] Melnikov Yu. Yu. [3]

    Tags: beds3 day hospital4 hospital organizations1 the average bed occupancy in a year1 the average duration of treatment1 the medical organizations giving help in out-patient conditions1 turnover (function) bed1

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  • 2016 № 3 Analysis of the efficiency of the use of hospital beds in the hospital urology department

    Annotation. The article presents the results of the examination of the validity of hospitalization in the urology department of City Clinical Hospital (CCH) in Zhukovsky, Moscow region. Carrying out of examination the validity of hospitalization in the urology department of the hospital showed that there had been excessive periods of treatment in 22% of patients. Share unreasonably executed patient days was 15.8%. Of the total number of bed days saved the largest part of the final period of treatment (37.3%), almost the same amount for an initial period (41.7%) and 21.0% – for the period of active treatment of the patient. Calculate the economic effect of follow-up care of patients in day hospital (DS).

    Authors: Kalininskaya A. A. [15] Mashin A. G. [1]

    Tags: day hospital4 examination1 follow-up care1 hospital patients1 length of stay2 number of beds1 treatment stages1

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  • Law
  • 2023 № 6 Regulatory and legal regulation of medical care in day hospitals.

    The program of state guarantees provides for a reduction in the amount of inpatient care due to the development of inpatient forms and planning an increase in part of the state’s expenses for outpatient care. The correct organization of medical care using hospital replacement technologies is possible only if the requirements of regulatory documents are met. This will allow faster implementation of the main provisions of the Health Concept for the development of hospital replacement forms. Day hospitals are organized in order to improve the organization and improve the quality of medical care in outpatient settings, as well as to increase the economic efficiency of medical organizations through the introduction and widespread use of modern resource-saving medical technologies for prevention, diagnosis,
    treatment and rehabilitation, which is achieved by following the regulatory documents discussed in the article.

    Authors: Demyankov K. B. [1] Yakushev D. Yu. [1]

    Tags: day hospital4 hospital replacement forms1 regulatory documents2

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