Management in health care
  • 2021 № 5 Organization of medical care for patients with cancer on the basis of lean production in the interests of developing organizational health-saving technologies during the pandemic

    The article presents the results of the application of lean manufacturing (LM) technologies for the successful implementation of the state task of a clinical medical organization to provide high-tech medical care during the restrictions caused by the COVID19 pandemic. The highest degree of implementation of LM values and technologies was achieved in the section of respect for the person and corporate culture – 89%, compliance with specialized standards – 86%, satisfaction with quality and safety, as well as quick response to changes‑85% for each,
    which allows implementing organizational health-saving technologies. The most accessible and widespread health-saving technology can be considered specialized information on the prevention of non-communicable diseases posted on the website of a medical organization in a special section and attracting the attention of patients in a voluntary informed consent. The organizational and methodological department can become the organizing structural unit of a medical organization for testing the introduction of lean production technologies and testing organizational health-saving technologies, whose specialists should be engaged in improving the level of professional training of doctors,
    specialists in clinical profile and secondary medical personnel on health-saving issues, conducting communication campaigns aimed at increasing the responsibility of patients who come for examination and treatment for their health, their relatives and relatives, awareness of the value of human life and health, the formation of a culture of health in various age and social groups.

    Authors: Gurov A. N. [14] Kruglov S. E. [2] Solodkiy V. A. [2]

    Tags: covid-19 pandemic6 medical care for patients1 oncological diseases4 organizational health-saving technologies1 “lean manufacturing”3

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  • 2013 № 9 From the principle of pay for the result-oriented work to the effective contract with MONIKI (Moscow Regional Clinical and Research Institute n.a. M.F. Vladimirsky (MONIKI), Moscow, Russia)

    An unceasing work is being carried out in MONIKI on studying different principles of pay for work depending on the qualitative and quantitative parameters of working results which are reflected in the labor (effective) contract of the employee. The closest direct connection between the basic and stimulating salaries of the hospital physicians and sisters was established using index which characterizes satisfaction of patients with treatment process, introduction of contemporary diagnostic and therapeutic methods into medical practice, and operative activity of surgeons. The strongest feed-back was revealed between medical staff salaries and postoperative complications, patients' complaints, penalty sanctions, and the mean duration of hospital treatment.

    Authors: Gurov A. N. [14] Kruglov Е. Е. [1] Kruglov S. E. [2]

    Tags: efficient contract9 medical entity1 principles1 salary2

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