Decision support systems
  • 2020 № 2 Informatization in public health: from standards to expert systems

    According to the updated requirements of the Ministry of Health of Russia, the main document regulating the treatment and diagnostic process are clinical recommendations. The guidelines for clinical recommendations, based on the results of randomized trials, determine the doctor’s actions when making a diagnosis, and choosing a rational treatment. However, the rudimentary format for the placement of information on paper significantly limits their operation. The capabilities of IT technologies allow integrating clinical recommendations into the structure of expert systems. On the example of the expert system “Treatment of chronic heart failure” the possibilities and prospects of informatization of the diagnostic process are presented.

    Authors: Vasilieva T. P. [2] Melerzanov A. V. [4] O. Yu. Aleksandrova [1] Gorenkov R. V. [1] Dvorina O. G. [1] Reshetnikova P. I. [1] Yakushin D. M. [1] Yakushin M. A. [1] S. Yu. Yarotsky [1] Soshnikov S. S. [1]

    Tags: chronic  heart  failure1 clinical  recommendations1 expert system2 health informatization5 public health4 standards of medical care2 “neuro- doctor”  information  platform1

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  • Medical information systems
  • 2020 № 2 Evaluation of innovations for healthcare

    Actuality :  evaluation system for healthsaving technologies innovation level development is defined by need of  innovative  healthcare development strategy implementation and insufficient definition of innovative healthcare technologies criteria. Implementation  of  new  healthcare  technologies  into  systemic  healthsaving  requires  managerial  decision  making  support  for innovations integration.
    Goal:  healthsaving technologies innovation level multicriteria evaluation scientific approval and development.
    Materials   and   methods: program  includes  systemic  and  content  analysis,  expert  evaluation,  analytical  and  statistical methods.  Working  with  Public  Health  experts  focus  group  three  steps  algorithm  was  used.  Excel  based  data  processing  was performed with indicative indicators and indicative space calculation.
    Results: healthsaving technologies innovative level multicriteria analysis method was designed. Method novelty consists of first time  introduced  for  healthcare  innovative  level  criteria,  expert  card  and  evaluation  algorithm.  Healthsaving  technologies  final evaluation indicative indicators and space were calculated as a base for managerial decision choice support for their integration.
    Conclusion  presented evaluation scale allows medical technologies ranging according to needs of solutions for certain tasks.

    Authors: Vasilieva T. P. [2] Melerzanov A. V. [4] Almazov A. A. [3] Vasiliev M. D. [1] O. Yu. Alexandrova [2]

    Tags: healthsaving  technology1 innovative  level1 multicriteria  evaluation  method1 public health4

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