Terminology and standardization
  • 2017 № 2 Reference data for creating e-Health in Russia: problem overview.

    The article is about the importance of reference data (RD) at the e-health foundation, about the aims and structure of newly created Russian Ministry of Health (MOH) RD Control Center. The modules, services of the RD Support System have been described and key terms have been defined. Based on the experience authors formulate the development stages of references, and the unified reference structure (certificate) is introduced that defines common approaches for the reference development and support.

    The article section is dedicated to the tasks of the Object Identifier (OID) Control Center of Russian MOH objects. Principles of the OID Tree architecture built from the MOH root unique identificator are introduced. In conclusion, the authors state the most significant problems in the implementation of the Reference data System and propose ways of their solution.

    Authors: Starodubov V. I. [5] Zarubina T. V. [5] Sidorov K. V. [2] Shvyrev S. L. [2] Rauzina S. E. [2] Koroleva. Y. I. [1]

    Tags: e-health6 medical information system20 object identifier (oid)1 reference1 reference data1

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