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Information technologies for the Physician 2015 #2

Published: 2015-02-16



    It in diagnostics
  • Automated synthesis of inferences and recommendations for clinician based on blood test data

    Earlier developed multifunctional program complex allowed us to formulate new syndromes based on common clinical blood test data alterations. Thus, corresponding inferences and recommendations were composed. Those could indicate the presence of hematology diseases, or reveal type and the severity of inflammatory process by leukocyte formula levels.

    Authors: Lukashevich I. P. [1] Stepanyan K. V. [1] Popov A. K. [1] Balugyan. R. S. [1]

    Tags: blood test1 leukocyte formula1 program complex for clinical decision support1

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  • Telemedicine
  • About the definition and classification of telemedicine services

    The definition of telehealth. Describes a set of criteria for the classification of telemedicine services and proposed their classification. The rules of naming telemedicine services for inclusion in the Nomenclature of medical services.

    Authors: Stolbov. A. P. [6]

    Tags: classification of the telemedicine services1 nomenclature of medical services1 telehealth1 telemedicine17 telemedicine technology1

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  • Telemedicine systems and the protection of personal data

    The article contains the information of the problem of the protection of personal data in information systems. It was carried out an analysis of the existing legal framework and possible implementation of protection of personal data. It was suggested personal version of the protection of personal data by the example of the worked out telemedicine system «Logoderm» used in dermatovenerology.

    Authors: Efremova A. A. [2] Efremov. A. A. [2] Kupeeva I. A. [1] Ravodin R. A. [1]

    Tags: dermatovenereology1 key words telemedicine systems1 protection of personal data3

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  • It in education
  • Modern technologies in information support of physicians and advanced training

    In this paper we have represented multimedia learning system on congenital flaws and abnormalities. There is a description of structure and forms of the system, and also WEB technologies used in this development. The paper describes an outlook of opportunities of using learning system to diagnose congenital flaws in remote access mode and also opportunities of advanced training for doctors in Intranet. Also there is an outlook of using learning system on modern smartphones and tablet PCs.

    Authors: A. Putintsev [1] T. Alexeev [1] N. Shmeleva. [1]

    Tags: animation1 congenital abnormalities1 e-learning2 electronic learning resources1 hypertext1 testing1

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  • Mathematical modeling
  • Mathematical model of the transfer of patient's states in the process of treatment on the basis of the neuronet approach

    The model of patient's states is described, which permits to determine any his goal state namely the treatment outcome knowing only severity of a disease, and in this regard the proposed model is universal. During the imitation of the treatment processes the neuronet model has been made. The modeling result is the sequence of the transfers of patient's state during the disease treatment in accordance with the applied medical technology.

    Authors: Borschuk E. L. [1] Gorbachev D. V. [1] Begun D. N. [1] Trofimova. O. V. [1]

    Tags: model1 neuron network1 patient3 treatment and diagnostic process2

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  • Medical informational systems
  • Creation of the common information space in clinical transfusiology

    Experience of creation and application of information technologies in medicine on the example of the Federal Center of Cardiovascular Surgery of the city of Krasnoyarsk is presented in article. The medical information system consisting of various modes for ensuring automation and information maintenance of work of each structural division is developed. The turn of components of donor blood in clinic and traceability of use of blood from the donor to the patient is controlled and carried out in the automatic mode by medical information system with use of the Accounting of Blood module.

    Authors: Makovskiy А. А. [1] Popov. A. A. [2]

    Tags: clinical transfusiology1 common information space1 components of donor blood1 information technologies5 safety2

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  • It in health care management
  • Analysis of the process of medical service in the scope of compulsory health insurance program

    The relevance of the presented paper deals with the necessity of determining problems and effective solutions for medical organizations on the stage of medical documentation reports control purposely for forecasting the average of financial resources that can be obtained in the scope of compulsory health insurance program. The aim of the study: for the purpose of further issues definition present formal model of the analyzed process using a set of system analysis methods. The methods: System analysis methods, especially IDEF0 diagrams and activity diagrams, for estimation of medical expert's agreement Cohen's kappa was used. The results: Based on the specification documents and expert's experience the spread description on the process «the control of volume, duration, quality and conditions of medical service assignment by medical organizations» conducted by medical insurance organization was presented. Inputs, outputs, elements of management and executives were determined. As a result of decomposition, subprocesess were presented within activity diagrams. Conclusions: The obtained results of research allows to conclude that there is a set of problems which appear when medical organizations send reports for getting financial resources for clinical service realization in the scope of compulsory health insurance program. On the grounds of determined problems, we can conclude that it is necessary to develop an intellectual information system for estimating clinical records concerning getting financial resources for clinical service. In respect that human factor influence on the main stages of the analyzed process, we propose to use fuzzy logic as an inference engine. The self-learning function of the system will provide case-based reasoning.

    Authors: Taranik M. A. [2] Kopanica. G. D. [1]

    Tags: case-based reasoning1 fuzzy logic2 intellectual information systems1 medical insurance1 system analysis1

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  • Мedical statistics
  • Optimization of the service medical statistics on the different levels in contemporary conditions

    The analysis of the new technology of gathering, receiving and processing of annual reports on medical statistics is presented. The measures for the improvement of the informative providing of medical statistics are offered.

    Authors: Polikarpov A. V. [3] Golubev N. A. [2] Ogryzko. E. V. [2]

    Tags: annual reports of medical statistics2 medical statistics5 system «medstat»2

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