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  • 2023 № 6 Opinion of pediatric otorhinolaryngologists on the main problems in the organization of medical care and priority areas of activity of the professional medical community.

    A medical and sociological study was carried out in order to determine the opinion of specialists on current problems in the organization of children’s otorhinolaryngological care and on the priority areas of activity of the professional medical community. Five main medical and organizational problems in the organization of children’s otolaryngological care are identified: maintaining and developing human resources, stimulating the work of medical workers; improvement of resource support for assistance, stimulation of investments in the development of the material, technical and technological base; increasing the availability of qualified assistance; management optimization;
    improvement of methodological support and introduction of modern technologies for rendering assistance. Pediatric otorhinolaryngologists consider the main activities of the professional community to be: representing the legitimate interests of the Association members, promoting the protection of their professional and social rights; assistance and participation in advanced training and professional retraining of specialists; professional consolidation, strengthening and development of relations between specialists; meeting the needs of specialists in obtaining knowledge about the latest achievements, advanced domestic and foreign experience.

    Authors: Mingazova E. N. [27] Oleinik A. V. [2]

    Tags: association of pediatric otorhinolaryngologists1 children13 children’s ent doctors1 ent diseases3 otorhinolaryngological care2 professional medical communities1

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