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    Informatization of healthcare
  • 2023 № 4 Determinants of the use of telemedicine in pediatric dentistry.

    Currently, favorable conditions are being created in the Russian Federation for the development and effective use of telemedicine in healthcare. Options for the use of information and communication technologies in pediatric dentistry are: telemedicine consultations, consultations, distance education of medical workers, medical education and preventive activities among the child population.
    The aim of the research as part of the dissertation work, the research was aimed at studying the attitude of dentists to the use of telemedicine technologies in pediatric dentistry.
    Materials and methods. The process of studying the attitude and readiness of pediatric dentists to use telemedicine technologies was aimed at identifying individual (micro) and conceptual (meso- and macro) factors affecting the use of medicine in pediatric dentistry. The study included a semi-formal interview and questionnaire.
    Results. As a result of the research on the sections: Telemonitoring – remote monitoring of patients, including outpatient management of patients; storage and transmission of medical data; interactive telemedicine, it was found that doctors in Tver and the Tver region have both positive and negative beliefs and opinions that can promote or hinder their use of telemedicine in their professional practice.
    Conclusions. Research with the participation of pediatric dentists will help both developers and managers of medical institutions to understand the limitations and advantages of technologies from the point of view of practicing pediatric dentists, will allow predicting its development.
    The results of this study will contribute to solving the problems of implementing telemedicine services, contribute to the rational development of telemedicine platforms in pediatric dentistry in Tver and the Tver region.

    Authors: Konovalov O. E. [4] Zhukova K. V. [3]

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