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    Financial management
  • 2013 № 1 Regarding several methodological approaches to pricing and payment process for medical services in regional system of Mandatory Medical Insurance (Samara State Medical University, Samara, Russia; TFOMS of Ryazan region, Ryazan, Russia)

    Reforming the system of mandatory insurance coverage in Russia is impossible without integration of progressive directions in defining tariffs for medical services and their approaches. It is proposed to process payment for stationary aid according to formed clinic-statistic groups depending on the stage of medical care and outpatient care — with the help of combined method, consisting of capita funding and payment coverage of visits and particular medical services.

    Authors: Geht I. A. [17] Artemieva G. B. [12]

    Tags: clinic-statistic groups1 payment for outpatient services1 stages of stationary treatment1

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