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    Financial management
  • 2015 № 1 Characteristics of financing the joint practice: Case study of Samara region

    There was conducted an analysis of general practioner's average wages level, working in an outpatientambulatory unit in Samara region in the first quarter of 2013 and 2014 years in order to compare them with per capita financing normative and shares of external services. It was demonstrated that outpatient-ambulatory practitioner's wage does not depend on the per capita normative while optimizing the level of external services. There has been emphasized the importance of advancing efficient contract as a main tool for stimulating enhancement of labour quality and increasing its renumeration level in the health care system.

    Authors: Geht I. A. [17] Gridasov G. N. [2] Kupaev V. I. [1]

    Tags: fund holding2 joint practice1 labour renumeration1 per capita method of financing1

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