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    Management in healthcare
  • 2023 № 7 The current state and prospects for the development of rural health care.

    The article discusses current trends in the development of primary health care in the Russian Federation. The reasons that caused in the 90s. of the last century, the destruction of rural health care, as well as the effectiveness of restorative measures. A comparative description of the main indicators of the health of rural and urban residents is given. The mortality rate for rural residents is much higher than for urban residents with a steady upward trend. There is a disproportion between the relatively low morbidity rates of the rural population with cardiovascular and oncological pathologies and mortality from the same diseases, which may be due to insufficiently effective detection
    of these categories of diseases. The concept of a geriatric contact center is proposed, aimed at eliminating the shortage of personnel and resource support for rural healthcare.

    Authors: Bakirova E. A. [5] Gorenkov R. V. [3] Vasiliev M. D. [3] Yakushin M. A. [1] Yarotsky S. Yu. [1] Vorobieva A. V. [1]

    Tags: contact center1 elderly doctor1 geriatric contact center1 geriatric service2 primary health care19 rural health care2

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  • Foreign experience
  • 2019 № 3 Models of Geriatric Care in Russia and Europe: Preconditions, Current State, Prospects

    The article analyses directions and problems of the developing model of geriatric care in Russia. Key preconditions, organizational forms and problems are reviewed. A comparison with the most developed European models of geriatric care allows to formulate recommendation for future development. In particular, some promising directions include increased integration of medical and social care, development of medical staff’s geriatric competences, establishment of comprehensive geriatric assessment, introduction of advanced assistive technologies.

    Authors: Yu. G. Ellanskiy [1] Ilyukhin R. G. [1] Sh. G. Ajvazyan [1]

    Tags: elderly people2 geriatric care1 geriatric service2 geriatrics3 gerontology2 model of geriatric help1

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