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    Management in healthcare
  • 2018 № 4 Comparative characteristic of victims in road transport accidents in the arctical zone of the arkhangelsk region depending on the alcohol factor

    Road traffic trauma nowadays remains an urgent medical and socio-economic problem in Russian Federation. For the purpose of comparative analysis of characteristics in groups of victims with alcohol intoxication in road accidents that occurred in the Arctic zone of the Arkhangelsk region, a continuous, analytical, population study was conducted – documentary observation. A sample of 518 medical cards (f.003/у) of victims in road traffic accidents, who received medical care in hospitals, was analyzed in Severodvinsk from 2012 to 2016. It was found that up to 30% of injured in accidents were in a state of alcohol intoxication; young men predominated among victims, and severe concomitant trauma predominated in the structure of all injuries. The results of the research may be in demand in the development of regional programs to prevent and reduce the number of accidents and prevention of road traffic trauma

    Authors: Menshikova L. I. [4] Petchin I. V. [1] Baranov A. V. [1] Barachevskiy Y. E. [1] Klyuchevsky V. V. [1] Modyanov N. Y. [1]

    Tags: alcohol intoxication1 arctic zone1 arkhangelsk region3 injury severity1 traffic accident1

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  • 2018 № 2 Potential years of a life lost and economic losses due to the alcohol-attributable mortality in the near-arctic regions of the european north of Russia

    Background. High level of premature alcohol-attributable mortality and associated economic losses are the con- sequences of considerable alcoholization of the population of the near-arctic regions in Russia. Aim of the study is to assess potential years of a life lost and economic losses due to the alcohol-attributable mortality in the Murmansk, Arkhangelsk regions and the Komi Republic in 2006–2015 years. Methods. Potential years of a life lost due to the premature deaths from alcohol-attributable conditions were calculated using brief tables of mortality (survival) for the five-year age intervals. This data was used to estimate the scale of the “actual” (annual) and “prospective” economic losses. Results. Distribution of the potential years of a life lost due to the premature deaths from alcohol-attributable conditions had the inverse “po- lar-equatorial gradient” (the maximum values of the indicator were in the Arkhangelsk region and the Komi Republic; and the minimum values were in the Murmansk region). Men and women aged 30–49 were at the group of a high risk. Positive dynamics in the values of the indicator in the group of elderly persons was associated with an increase in the life expec- tancy of the population. In 2006–2015 total “perspective” economic losses due to premature alcohol-attributable mortality in Murmansk region amounted to 5.5 billion rubles, Arkhangelsk region – 9 billion rubles, Republic of Komi – 11.7 billion rubles. Conclusions. In 2006–2015 alcohol-attributable mortality remained a leading cause of a significant demographic and economic damage to the population of the near-arctic regions of the European North of Russia. Application of the results. Obtained results can be used to develop programs for medical prevention and the healthy lifestyle formation, justi- fication of measures aimed at increasing the efficiency of regulation of the regional alcohol market.

    Authors: Mordovskiy E. A. [1]

    Tags: alcohol-attributable mortality1 arkhangelsk region3 economic losses1 komi republic1 murmansk region1 near-arctic territories1 potential years of life lost1

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  • Information management
  • 2020 № 7 Preparedness of medical personnel to work

    The analysis of administrative and medical personnel equipment of medical organizations in the Arkhangelsk region with computer equipment was presented. The level of computer competence and readiness of medical personnel to work with medical information systems on the basis of the state budget health organisation of Arkhangelsk region “Arkhangelsk city clinical hospital № 7” was studied. Management decisions taken to improve the quality and availability of medical services were shown.

    Authors: Mokhnacheva Т. Е. [1] Monogarova Y. Y. [1] Varakina Zh. L. [1]

    Tags: arkhangelsk region3 computer competence1 medical information systems8 medical personnel4

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