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    Social aspects of health
  • 2019 № 2 The social significance of chronic hepatitis C drug treatment

    The article presents epidemiological data on viral hepatitis, the burden of disease of this pathology and outlines the policy of the World Health Organization (WHO) to control it. A comparison of clinical recommendations on the pharmacotherapy of chronic hepatitis C (CHC) published by the WHO and some other international organizations, as well as adopted in Russia, were carried out. The main vector in the treatment of CHC currently is use of direct-acting antiviral medicines, providing the possibility of almost complete cure of this disease. Provision of the access to the modern pharmacotherapy for all patients in need is the priority in most countries, including Russia. The opportunity to eliminate CHC could have significant positive economic and social effects.

    Authors: Efremova T. A. [2] Korobov N. V. [2] Loshakov L. A. [2]

    Tags: access to pharmacotherapy1 burden of diseases1 chronic hepatitis c1 clinical guidelines4 effectiveness of pharmacotherapy2 viral hepatitis1

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